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Rediker Software recently announced that its affordable, easy-to-edit responsive website, RediSite, now has the tools to help schools reach ADA compliance. And, with the addition of a standalone calendar app and myriad advanced features, RediSite now stands out as a premier website design and hosting solution for PK-12 schools.

ADA compliance ensures that a school’s website is accessible and usable by all people with disabilities, and guarantees them the same opportunities as anyone else. For instance, assistive technologies like screen readers help the visually impaired navigate the school website, and site structure makes it easy for individuals with color-blindness to access information.

WCAG 2.0 standards include a checklist of conditions, among them the requirement that a website meets both content and markup areas. Content includes everything that site editors publish, such as color, text, images, videos, menus, forms and sounds. Markup is the site’s underlying code that is included in RediSite responsive themes and CMS tools.

At Rediker Software, the RediSite support team is also trained and ready to advise customers on best-practices for publishing content that meets ADA compliance and fulfills Section 504 of the rehabilitation act.

“With RediSite’s growing popularity, we continue to work hard to provide some of the best value in quality school websites,” Rediker President Andrew Anderlonis said. “With RediSite now being fully ADA compliant, it allows for schools to not only meet requirements but more easily share school information with its community.”

The new, full-featured RediSite Calendar App can be used to display third-party iCal feeds, including Rediker’s PlusPortals, the Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. The app can also be used as a standalone calendar by adding events directly to your website in the Events Manager Dashboard. Event pages can be created in the CMS (content management system) and content blocks can be used to add images, slideshows and sponsors.

Calendar management is flexible so that the user can have one or multiple calendars for each feed, and they can be sorted by categories, or multiple feeds can be merged into one calendar. Calendar events can also link to individual landing pages with more information like the when and where details, images, sponsor lists, and forms.

The added calendar app and ADA compliance tools are just two of the latest enhancements Rediker Software has added to RediSite. Additional front and back-end features include:

  • SEO Improvements: Easy to add tracking codes (Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics) to the header or footer right from the Dashboard.
  • Event Management: Event solutions offer support for recurring events, automatic expiration, and multiple layout views such as monthly view or responsive list view for smaller handheld devices.
  • Social Feeds: Noticeably improved social feeds for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy to set up to deliver content faster while keeping feeds fresh and up to date.
  • More Ways to Work with Video: The user can now add a single video from Vimeo or YouTube, or mix and match videos from both platforms into a video gallery. Custom templates can also be assigned to change the view to output video galleries in different layouts. The new YouTube block also supports playlists.
  • Timed Content: Timed content gives editors the ability to schedule content to be published at specific dates and times in the future.
  • New Topics System: Offering more ways to tag and output pages, great for organizing blogs into categories, or even organizing pages with image galleries.

“The latest version of RediSite is even easier to use than before,” Anderlonis concluded, “with a new, fully responsive CMS enabling anyone to update their school website from any device, anywhere.”

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