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The Challenge

In 2016, the American School of Brasilia – or EAB (Escola Americana de Brasília) - faced a dilemma. The PK – 12 international school was maintaining a website that provided them with the tools they needed to engage the school community, but it came with a price. As the school’s requirements for content, navigation, customization, and integration grew so did the cost to maintain their website.

The website’s annual contract renewal was approaching so Technology Director Rod Narayan seized the opportunity to explore other companies offering website services.  With the approval of the EAB Board of Directors, Narayan embarked on a search for a website that not only was less expensive, but offered better integration, communication and marketing solutions.

Customer Profile

Established: September 1964

Grades: PK - 12

Enrollment: > 650

Nationalities: > 40

Implemented: 2016

Vision: To positively impact the world through excellence in academics, activities, arts, leadership, and service.

School Website:

“It was in the best interests of our school’s stakeholders to evaluate competitive website companies,” Narayan explained. “We need to consider the impact on EAB’s budget and financial status with regard to the (website) renewal increase,” Narayan said.

Written approval for a new website provider didn’t come quickly and it wasn’t until early November when Narayan received the go ahead. This presented another enormous challenge.  Narayan needed to expedite the implementation of the website so that it was up and running before the end of the month. If the implementation took any longer, there would be a lapse between website providers.

The Solution

EAB had been a Rediker Software customer for more than 20 years so it seemed only right to look at the website services they offered. Because better integration was one of the key reasons for transitioning to a new responsive website, Rediker’s RediSite solution seemed a natural fit. RediSite included integration with Rediker’s PlusPortals and Online Admissions applications, in addition to other Rediker products.

Integration was certainly important but cost was significant in creating an entirely new website. Whereas the previous vendor chose to “nickel and dime” the school by charging increasing amounts for minor add-ons and improvements, Rediker Software offered an affordable annual fee that covered everything they were looking for.

“In good conscience, we couldn’t continue to keep paying more for a service that wasn’t giving us more,” Narayan said. “Looking at Rediker’s RediSite only made sense. We could get the tools we needed at a fraction of the cost.”

Of course, the time factor was not trivial either. EAB was under an extremely tight deadline to have the website up and running before the old one came down. That time period was only a few weeks away. Rediker Software and its team of website developers assured the school that with their cooperation the deadline could be met.

The Results

EAB is now saving money while operating a professional, responsive website that meets all of their needs. The platform offers an all-in-one integration with Rediker’s products and visitors can sign in to their Rediker Software PlusPortals account from nearly any page through an encryption protected login form that ensures parents' and students' information stays secure.

The school is also dedicated to providing information and forms in multiple languages for their diverse families. With Google Translate included in their RediSite website, they are able to translate any text from one language into another. Easy-to-navigate school and district calendars, linked to Rediker’s PlusPortals, are also available to the school community.

They have also been able to amp up their SEO strategy so when a family searches for the school’s name and views search results, they can form an opinion of the school. This good first impression brings the right traffic to their site, boosting inquiries, donations and enrollment.

Furthermore, EAB’s RediSite website offers improved intranet functionality, The school’s private network shares EAB information and computing resources among employees and can be accessed via their website.

“The RediSite solution has empowered the American School of Brasilia to easily stand out among other international schools with a strong web presence,” said Rediker Software President Andrew Anderlonis.  “They can now manage their website with ease and communicate more effectively with their school community by using RediSite’s user-friendly content management system and integrations with other Rediker products.”