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May 2019 E-Newsletter

Rediker Software E-Newsletter
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Just in Time Training
Free Training Webinar for AdminPlus Users
Join us for our Just in Time training webinar: End of Year Checklist. A great way to learn new tips and tricks or brush up on past procedures, this free training session is for those whose school year has ended or is about to end.
End of Year Checklist (Icon)
In this webinar we go over the tasks to close out the current year and begin preparing for the new school year. Choose a session time and register online to save your spot:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 11:00 AM EDT
Thursday, June 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM EDT
Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at 2:00 PM EDT
Also available: Our on-demand recordings Create the New Year (2019) and End of Year Checklist (2018).
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2 Summertime Training Workshops
Registration Now Open
Learn how to get the most out of your AdminPlus, Admissions Plus Pro, TeacherPlus Gradebook, and other Rediker Software solutions with expert, hands-on training this June and July.

New and advanced users welcome! These multi-day training events are a great way to meet our trainers, ask questions, learn new skills, and interact with fellow Rediker Software users from around the world.
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Training Workshop
Our 5-day Summer Training Workshop, happening this July, is located at our headquarters in Hampden, Massachusetts. Choose from more than 20 session topics ranging from beginning to advanced levels, including Beginners Bootcamp (3-day track), Admissions Plus Pro (3-day track) and Report Writing (Levels I, II & III).

Exclusive to our Summer Training Workshop are our free User Research sessions. Enter to participate, and if chosen, you will receive a free web training session in exchange for targeted research feedback. See site for details.
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Training Workshop
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Coming to Baton Rouge, Louisiana this June is our 4-day Regional Training Workshop. Session topics include Master Schedule Building for High Schools, Report Writing Levels I - III, Admissions Plus Pro (2-day track), and more.
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Online Forms with AdminPlus
Bring Your Forms Online. Eliminate Paper, Postage and Hours of Extra Work.
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Save time and money with our paperless Online Forms tool in AdminPlus. Easily create and customize data collection forms for parents, students and staff to fill out electronically instead of relying on handwritten paper forms.

Data fields can be linked directly into the AdminPlus SIS database - no manual data entry required! Use the forms to collect and verify data as well as submit one-time e-payments via credit card and bank account.

Create Forms for:

Demographic Verification
Collecting Fees & Tuition
Submission of Documents
Field Trip Permission
Club Activity
Online Course Requests
  Absence & Tardy Notes
...and More
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Demos & Webinars
See our Software Solutions and Learn Best Practices
Choose from any of our live webinar and demo sessions listed below (EST), call 1-800-213-9860 to set up a private session, or view our on-demand video library.
Rediker Webinar - School-to-Home Communication for K-12 Schools (Part 1) - AdminPlus and PlusPortals
Rediker Webinar - School-to-Home Communication for K-12 Schools (Part 2) - RediSite, Social Media and More
Rediker Demo - Master Schedule Building
Rediker Webinar - ADA Compliance and Your Website
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