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Meet the Rediker Software Family

May 2015

Meet the Rediker Family - Susan Brady

Meet Susan Brady, experienced runner, fly fisher, ballroom dancer and Director of Sales at Rediker. Learn more about Susan and what her job entails in this month's Meet the Rediker Software Family.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Susan: I grew up in Central Massachusetts as the oldest of three sisters in a family of educators. Both of my parents worked in public education for 40 years. I’ve been happily married for over 20 years and have two adult identical twin stepsons. My husband is my coach, mentor and best friend. When we’re not working, we like to fly fish and ballroom dance. I’m not great at either, but I cherish the time with my husband.

How did you get involved in sales?

Susan: I started my career as a K-8 Guidance Counselor in an inner city school but eventually found my passion in sales when I transitioned from an Admissions Counselor position at a private college to selling technology solutions for a small private company. I moved into sales leadership at Oracle and have been leading and coaching sales teams for the last 15 years and loving it.

When and why did you decide to join the Rediker Software Family?

Susan: I joined Rediker last July and accepted the Director of Sales position because of the company’s focus on its customers, its leadership position in the industry and because I felt that I could make a difference. I wanted to share my experience with an organization that was looking to strengthen customer relations as a means of growing their business.

What does being Director of Sales entail?

Susan: As the Director of Sales at Rediker, I have the pleasure of leading a group of customer-focused sales professionals, supervising the Customer Success team and building partnerships with new customers. I’m a hands-on sales manager at heart and I really enjoy being directly involved in the assessment process with my team and customers. I like facilitating mutually beneficial business relationships and working directly with customers.

What makes Rediker Software’s sales department unique?

Susan: Our commitment to our customer truly differentiates Rediker from other technology companies. Our sales department cares and is dedicated to helping our customers select the right products. We are building and supporting long-term relationships with our customers rather than order taking.

What are you excited about at Rediker Software?

Susan: I am most excited about Rediker’s commitment to next generation software solutions. I wanted to work with a team that stays in the lead. After 35 years in the business, the fact that Rediker is constantly upgrading solutions and is focused on the future makes it a great place to work.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself?

Susan: Every summer my husband and I forsake all cell phones, electronics and all of the conveniences of home and drive nine hours north to camp in the North Maine woods. It is a very remote region of Maine with over 3.5 million acres of forest land. In order to get to our campsite we need to take a seaplane as there are no roads leading to it. We hike and fish alone in the woods and see deer and moose. We almost never see people. Since our professional lives are so busy, we find this the perfect way for us to decompress. Some call us crazy but we really just find ourselves while we are there.