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Rediker Software, an educational technology software company, announced today the release of Teacher Evaluator. The web-based application optimized for the iPad® streamlines the teacher evaluation process and helps schools comply with state standards and requirements.

Recently more states and districts are emphasizing teacher evaluations as the result of President Obama’s Race to the Top. The initiative calls for improving teacher effectiveness, specifically by bolstering evaluation procedures, in an effort to improve student learning. However, principals and administrators have been struggling to find the time to complete these evaluations and report data to the state.

“The biggest challenges principals face are scheduling evaluations and getting them done,” said Don Lacharite, former principal and Project Manager of Teacher Evaluator. “While evaluations vary per school, most principals are required to formally evaluate a teacher several times a year. If a principal has 60 teachers needing multiple observations, that’s at least one evaluation per day on top of responding to crises, meetings, communicating with parents and students, professional development and informal visits.”

“We understand that principals are strapped for time so we designed a portable tool that helps principals complete evaluations unobtrusively, quickly and accurately by providing them with all the information they need in the application,” Lacharite noted.

Teacher Evaluator allows school administrators and department heads to schedule and complete evaluations on an iPad® using state-mandated rubrics or their own custom evaluation forms. During the evaluations process, evaluators can reference standard descriptors, set goals, create an improvement plan and communicate with teachers using its memo feature.

“Giving teachers instant feedback is so important,” stated Lacharite. “One of the great features of our app is the built-in memo feature. If a principal is using Teacher Evaluator on their iPad® and observes a great reading circle, he or she can press the memo button, write “great reading circle” and now not only does the teacher have that immediate feedback in their inbox but the memo is stored in the teacher’s evaluation record.”

To ensure that Teacher Evaluator met the evaluation needs of schools, Rediker Software worked closely with a focus group of principals and superintendents to develop the program. Some of the features in the program include real-time dashboards for teachers and administrators to assess progress and give an overall view, a self evaluator so teachers can be reflective, respond to evaluations and customized rating scales to comply with mandated teacher ratings. The ability to track multiple observations throughout the evaluation process is also included, along with time stamps, automatic e-mail notifications to teachers once evaluations are ready to view, and a reports center to identify strengths and needs.

“The greatest indicator of student success is a skillful teacher,” Lacharite added. “Teacher Evaluator not only streamlines the evaluation process but it also helps schools develop and support effective teaching by improving the conversation between the evaluator and the teacher and providing the teacher with the feedback needed to take their skills to the next level.”

Teacher Evaluator includes an export tool so schools can comply with state-mandated reporting requirements without having to retype data into a computer and qualify for Race to the Top funding.

Teacher Evaluator is available today to schools using any student information system at a low subscription cost of $500 per school per year for unlimited users. Discounts are available for multiple schools. To learn more about Teacher Evaluator and to view an online demonstration, visit

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