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Rediker Software, a leader in school administrative software, is proud to announce that it has achieved OneRoster® 1.1 certification from IMS Global Learning Consortium for its TeacherPlus Gradebook.

Certification is achieved through conformance testing and authorization processes developed for specific versions and/or profiles of the IMS Global specifications. (See our TeacherPlus Gradebook listing on the IMS Global website: TeacherPlus Gradebook | IMS Global).

OneRoster 1.1 Certification

OneRoster is the standard specification for securely sharing class roster information, course materials and grades between systems. OneRoster supports the commonly used .csv mode for exchange and the latest real-time web services mode known as REST. Adopting the OneRoster standard allows schools to stop the error-prone burden of manually creating unique class roster data extracts and duplicate data entry of grades.

Teachers and administrators can save substantial amounts of time and avoid countless issues using OneRoster. With accurate rosters, TeacherPlus Gradebook users prevent missing student accounts and incorrect class groups, which are major stumbling blocks to using online resources in the classroom. Rediker’s certification efforts demonstrate a commitment to the continued development and adoption of learning technologies throughout K – 12 schools.

“One of the biggest challenges in school software is the difficulty of connecting the multitude of systems now being used,” Rediker President Andrew Anderlonis explained. “Our OneRoster certification is a big step forward that specifically enables us to offer improved flexibility and interoperability to our schools through an established and recognized integration. This will allow our schools to share information more easily between systems that will help them with things like data analytics and much more,” he said.

About Rediker Software

For 40 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. The company’s products include AdminPlus, a cloud-based SIS solution, TeacherPlus Gradebook, ParentPlus and StudentPlus Web Portals, AdmissionsPlus, and Teacher Evaluator. For more information about TeacherPlus Gradebook visit