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Rediker Software, a leader in school management software, today announced a partnership with Clever. The partnership allows any school using Rediker Software’s student information system, Administrator's Plus, to set up Clever instantly and easily manage student accounts in all of their online learning software.

By allowing schools to securely and automatically keep their online learning programs in sync with their rosters in Administrator's Plus, Clever will save Rediker Software customers--especially teachers and support staff--hundreds of hours of data entry that wastes critical instructional time. Rediker Software customers will also benefit from Clever Instant Login, a single sign-on service that lets students and teachers seamlessly log into their learning applications.

“Clever leads the industry in eliminating manual data entry so that schools can spend more time on teaching and learning. Linking Rediker with Clever means our customers will have the choice to have the most up-to-date student information each and every time they use online products in the classroom,” said Andrew Anderlonis, President of Rediker Software.

Schools signed up with Clever are now able to securely sync enrollment data from Administrator's Plus with all the applications they use. School administrators maintain complete control over what data is shared with each application partner. This new functionality is available to all Rediker Software schools immediately.

Added Tyler Bosmeny, CEO of Clever, “We’re moving beyond a world where teachers have to enter roster data by hand, and students need to log in separately to each of their online learning tools. It’s great that we share this vision of simple automation with Rediker.”

To learn more about Rediker Software's partnership with Clever, visit

About Rediker Software:

For over 30 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. Through its innovative solutions, Rediker Software helps schools in over 115 countries manage administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. The company’s products include Administrator’s Plus, a cloud-based SIS solution, Admissions Plus Pro and Teacher Evaluator. Rediker Software offers experience, reliability, unsurpassed technical support, ease of use, and leading-edge features not found in any other system. For more information about Rediker Software, please visit

About Clever:

Clever is the simplest way for districts to keep their learning software in sync with their student information systems. Over 20,000 schools across the United States have adopted the Clever technology, and over 100 innovative software applications, including the My Big Campus and Haiku, have joined the Clever platform. In November 2012, the SIIA named Clever the "Most Innovative Company in Education," and in March 2013, Clever was awarded first place in the SXSWedu competition. Clever's headquarters are in San Francisco, CA. For more information contact Clever at (415) 562-6483 or