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Rediker Software, a leader in school administrative software, recently partnered with TeacherLists on an initiative that will bring an innovative school supply list solution to all Rediker PlusPortal schools. Rediker’s PlusPortals create a seamless, interactive connection between school, students, and families, and now they’ll include one-click, retail-connected access to students’ supply lists. 

The collaboration was developed this spring as part of the new partnership between TeacherLists and Rediker and will be available to Rediker schools starting July 1. The timing allows for schools to have their lists live and accessible to parents well before school begins this fall.

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Powered by TeacherLists, this custom tool enables Rediker customers to take full advantage of TeacherLists’ best-in-class supply list functionality and portability right within their familiar portal. Rediker customers can now post their lists directly to the TeacherLists platform, and then have those lists available on their school’s PlusPortal,, and even directly on major retailers’ websites. This offers parents a time-saving way to find what their children need to start school and purchase those items directly from a national retailer.

Launched in 2012, the TeacherLists platform has grown into a powerful technology hub that has changed the way school supply lists are done. By transforming a varied and inefficient process into a standardized and flexible solution, they’ve eased back-to-school stress for teachers and parents across the country.

Quote from Andrew Anderlonis - President of Rediker Software - about the TeacherLists integration for PlusPortals

“Rediker’s PlusPortals delivers an effective communication platform for school administrators, teachers, parents and students,” said Andrew Anderlonis, president of Rediker Software. “Our partnership with TeacherLists brings their innovative school supply solution directly into the PlusPortals environment, creating an even better, more streamlined experience for educators and families.” 

“Launching this solution means improved communication between schools and parents, which is a common goal that our two companies share,” said Charles Field, CEO of School Family Media, parent company of TeacherLists. “This solution helps schools and parents when they need it most, during back-to-school. That is a win for everyone,” he said.

About Rediker Software

For nearly 40 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. Through its innovative solutions, Rediker Software helps schools in over 120 countries manage administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. The company’s products include AdminPlus, a cloud-based SIS solution, TeacherPlus Gradebook, ParentPlus and StudentPlus Web Portals, RediSite Responsive Websites, Admissions Plus Pro, and Teacher Evaluator. Rediker Software offers experience, reliability, unsurpassed technical support, ease of use, and leading-edge features not found in any other system. For more information about Rediker Software, please visit

About TeacherLists 

TeacherLists is the smarter (free) way to manage, find, and share school supply lists. After uploading a school supply list once, educators can easily update and link the list to a school or personal website. TeacherLists provides parents the freedom of accessing and finding the most updated school supply list 24-7, and the convenience of in-store pickup or one-click shopping from our national retail partners. For more information about TeacherLists, visit