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Rediker Software, a leader in K-12 school management software, announced today the launch of its newest online admissions and enrollment management system, AdmissionsPlus with Online Applications. With features to provide a streamlined and easy to use system for centralized enrollment needs, the new platform delivers a web-based application and admissions process for public, private, charter, and independent schools.

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AdmissionsPlus is designed to lead each prospect from the initial inquiry through online application and teacher recommendations, to decision making and enrollment. And AdmissionsPlus has been completely redesigned as an HTML5 application so it doesn’t require a client install, it works on multiple browsers and operating systems, and the responsive design allows for a variety of workable resolutions.

For school admissions and enrollment professionals, AdmissionsPlus has a dashboard that is customizable by user, allowing each user to have his own personalized dashboard so he can see exactly what is important to him. The dashboard can display upcoming calendar events, a list of prospects that have not been contacted in a set number of days, and a breakdown of prospects by decision. A year over year analysis of both total applications received over time, and of the overall admissions process, can also be displayed.

Jason Rzasa, AdmissionsPlus product owner, is excited by the new features AdmissionsPlus has to offer. The Admissions calendar was added for users to be able to track appointments with prospects and events. It also integrates with Google and Outlook calendars. “These features make the AdmissionsPlus product top of the line, and the fact that it can be customized to meet every school’s unique admissions needs, brings it next level,” he said.

The Online Forms package has also been rebuilt with fully responsive web forms, giving parents the option of completing forms from any device. The Parent Account and the Parent Forms can be accessed from any size resolution, down to a mobile phone. Families and students now have a convenient online experience while they schedule visits, request recommendations, make payments, and more. Parents will know what forms have been rejected or completed, and charter schools can display Lottery information and the prospect’s position on the waitlist if they prefer.

“We are very excited to introduce a centralized, virtual enrollment platform for K-12 schools in our completely new and redesigned AdmissionsPlus software,” said Rediker Software President Andrew Anderlonis. “As a fully browser- based web application, AdmissionsPlus is able to offer the robustness and familiarity of our existing program with great new features and responsiveness. We’re extremely happy with the results, and we know the improvements will help school communities meet the new challenges of managing school enrollment and admissions.”

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