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Rediker Software, a leader in school administrative software, announced today the release of Admissions Plus Pro Version 4. The new version offers a modern user interface, customizable student snapshot view and new features that help schools streamline the entire admissions process.

Admissions Plus Pro is a complete admissions management program with Online Applications utilized by hundreds of PK-12 schools. Version 4 was created as a result of listening to feedback from admissions directors who use the software and by working closely with a design team to create an intuitive user interface.

“Over the last year, our technical support, design and programming staff worked with a large group of Admissions Plus Pro users to create Version 4,” said Project Manager Howard Johnson. “Our whole team is excited by the results. We analyzed every action, button, command, filter and report to produce a program that is even more efficient and easier to use. User requests for added features were implemented and many procedures were streamlined.”

One of the main new features in Admissions Plus Pro is the customizable prospect snapshot view. This allows admissions staff to see all critical information on a prospect at the top of the screen at all times including where the prospect is in the admissions process. The snapshot view also allows admissions staff to quickly call up the prospect’s contacts and view the prospect’s application.

Another main difference in Admissions Plus Pro Version 4 is the new user interface, which features a clean design with white, blue and light green colors. “When I first showed the new version at our workshop we received applause from our customers,” said Johnson. “It was really moving seeing that reaction and knowing that our users really love the new design. The feedback we have received has been so positive.”

Admissions Plus Pro Version 4 is available today. Schools that currently do not own Admissions Plus Pro can register for an online demonstration or inquire about the software by contacting

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For over 30 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. Through its innovative solutions, Rediker Software helps schools manage administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. The company’s products include the student information system Administrator’s Plus, Admissions Plus Pro and the School Office Suite. Rediker Software offers experience, reliability, unsurpassed technical support, ease of use, and leading-edge features not found in any other system.