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After months of effort, Rediker Software has successfully satisfied the extensive criteria to be placed on the Massachusetts SIF Compliant Student Information System (SIS) vendor list. As of press time, very few vendors had achieved this designation.

According to the Request for Response sent out by the Executive Office of Education/Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, “The EOE/ESE desires to procure a pre-approved MA SIF Compliant Student Information System vendor list in which the vendors are able to provide the Commonwealth with high quality MA SIF compliant data to allow districts to certify collections electronically via SIF. The student information systems are completely outsourced to the awarded vendors. The EOE/ESE will certify and establish a list of state certified SIS vendors for school districts that are currently lacking the infrastructure to collect and report SIS data to the Commonwealth.”

The state has formally recognized the quality of Rediker’s SIS solution, their MA SIF version 2.7 compliancy, their plan to maintain and expand their SIF certifiability to version 3 and beyond, and their commitment to undergo annual certification and renewal during the five-year term of the contract.

What Rediker’s “Approved Vendor” status means to a Massachusetts district, charter school, or other Local Education Agency (LEA) is that they can confidently choose the AdminPlus Student Information System without needing to engage in a protracted bid process. The state has proactively performed the vetting process for them. And under the terms of this umbrella contract, districts are free to negotiate favorable pricing directly with Rediker Software.

John Lynch, Director of Development at Rediker Software and long-time member of the SIF Association’s North American Technical Board, was instrumental in securing not only Rediker’s MA SIF certification, but Rediker’s preeminent placement on the state’s Preferred Vendor List through this competitive bid process. “I am pleased that the EOE has awarded the SIF Approved Vendor contract to Rediker Software,” Lynch commented. “With more accurate student information and reporting, school administrators can make informed, data-driven decisions and ultimately the state will benefit from increased funding. And that can only be good for our students here in Massachusetts.”

About the SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) Association

The SIF Association, now known as the Access 4 Learning Community (A4L), is an industry initiative to enable interoperability and data sharing between software applications in the PK-12 instructional and administrative environment, and the forum for companies and educators to participate in the development of SIF specifications in the A4L Community’s working groups and task forces. For more information, visit

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For over 35 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious, and independent schools. Through its innovative SaaS solutions, Rediker Software helps schools in over 120 countries manage administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. The company’s portfolio of products includes solutions for PK-12 school management for district and dioceses, admissions, classroom observations and walkthroughs, responsive website design, and more. Rediker Software offers experience, reliability, unsurpassed technical support, ease of use, and leading-edge features not found in any other system. For more information about Rediker Software, please visit

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