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The two newest schools to choose Rediker Software's AdminPlus - the Cristo Rey Baton Rouge High School and the Cristo Rey Tampa High School - are scheduled to open in the fall of 2016. While they both plan to implement the full student management software system (with the gradebook, student and parent portals, and the notification module) for the opening of school, the foremost need at this time is for the admissions program with online forms.

After a history of success using Rediker's school administrative software in three other locations, the decision to stick with a trusted vendor was crystal clear when their two new schools needed a system to cultivate students for their work-study program.

At full enrollment, each Cristo Rey school is primarily dependent on revenue from the work-study program to meet operating expenses. So, between now and next fall, the main focus of each school will be to recruit suitable candidates. Rediker’s Admissions Plus Pro with Online Forms will allow each school to track every prospect step by step through the entire admissions process, and, being customizable, will target each school’s unique requirements to qualify for entrance.

Aimee Wiles, Principal of Cristo Rey Baton Rouge High School, said that prior to being selected principal at the new Cristo Rey school, she had held the position of assistant principal at a neighboring high school. She had used Rediker’s products for a variety of tasks there and wanted to continue in her new position with a company and product that she trusted.

“Rediker has an outstanding reputation in the educational world,” Wiles said. “It has a history, being around for so long, of being a good product and a good company to work with.” Wiles added, “When choosing a student information management system, there was no other choice for me than Rediker.”

Once both schools get up and running, another essential factor for smooth operation will be having software that can handle their scheduling needs. Because each student works five full days a month, the software will need to accommodate a 20-day rotational schedule.

“I have worked with similar programs and was very frustrated by their lack of user-friendliness, the complicated steps in finding and inputting information, and their lack of technical support,” Wiles said. “Rediker’s scheduling program is customizable to what information we want and what our needs are, and it is reliable,” she explained.

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