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gI_152380_ADW Arms_color.pngThis fall, with the start of a new school year, a new student management system will be used in schools in the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

Last fall, nine schools in the Archdiocese piloted Rediker Software’s Administrator’s Plus – a cloud-based student information system that helps educators better track student data and communicate with parents and families. The success of the software pilot has led to the archdiocese making a decision to roll Administrator’s Plus out to its remaining 44 archdiocesan schools.

In 2015, the Archdiocese of Washington conducted a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP) process to evaluate vendors who could provide a data management solution with advanced reporting capabilities such as built-in statistical reporting tools to produce archdiocesan-wide reports, pie charts and graphs using live or historical data, as well as an integrated, full service system with the best long-term value. After evaluating demonstrations from multiple vendors, it was clear Rediker Software was the leader in all areas.

“The archdiocese needed a standardized system for collecting and tracking student demographic and enrollment information,” said William Ryan, Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Washington. Ryan, who was part of the final selection committee also noted, “We required something that would address not only the needs of the students and their parents, but the teachers and administrators as well.”

What set Rediker Software apart from the competition, Ryan continued, was their ability to provide the central school administration office of the archdiocese with a reliable system that can streamline school processes. For instance, Rediker’s Diocesan Manager for Administrator’s Plus provides the central diocesan schools administration office with instant access to real-time, archdiocesan level snapshots, including the number of absences per school each day, discipline incidents by school or current enrollment per school. “Improved access to data will benefit our staff with accurate and real-time data and enable better communication between our school administrators and the parent community,” Ryan said.

Administrator's Plus is seamlessly integrated with the TeacherPlus web gradebook and the ParentPlus portal, creating a complete, secure online solution for school management. The comprehensive integration of these systems will not only meet all of their needs, but will continue to provide the best long-term value.

“We see our investment in Rediker Software as a critical way to communicate with our schools,” added Shannon Norris, archdiocesan Director for Educational Technology. “Prior to Administrator’s Plus, we utilized other student management systems that proved to be challenging because they did not have all of the elements that we desired. Rediker’s platform offers everything we are looking for in one product. The feedback from the pilot phase has been that Administrator’s Plus is user friendly – it’s easy to learn and easy for IT administrators to manage, she said.”

Rediker President Andrew Anderlonis is very pleased to be partnering with the Archdiocese of Washington. “By selecting Rediker Software, the archdiocese will benefit from our integrated products and solutions backed by the best support team in the industry,” he stated. “We are able to offer a total solution that will help with everything from streamlining administrative tasks to maximizing school-to-home communication, from apps to websites, with our complete product offerings. We are very excited to be working with this great archdiocese,” Anderlonis added.

About the Archdiocese of Washington
The Archdiocese of Washington is home to over 620,000 Catholics, 139 parishes and 94 archdiocesan and independent schools located in the District of Columbia and the five Maryland counties of Calvert, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Saint Mary’s. Twenty Catholic high schools, and 74 early childhood and elementary schools educate nearly 27,000 children while its service agencies, including Catholic Charities and Victory Housing, have made the archdiocese one of the largest private social service providers in the region.

About Rediker Software
For over 35 years, Rediker Software has been a leader in school administrative software for private, public, international, religious and independent schools. Through its innovative solutions, Rediker Software helps schools in over 120 countries manage administrative tasks, maximize school-to-home communication and inspire student performance and success. The company’s products include AdminPlus, a cloud-based SIS solution, TeacherPlus Gradebook, Plus Portals for parents and students, Admissions Plus Pro, and Teacher Evaluator. Rediker Software offers experience, reliability, unsurpassed technical support, ease of use, and leading-edge features not found in any other system. For more information, visit