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Looking for software tips to make your Admissions season run smoothly? Rediker Software’s Admissions expert Cloid Helton is a former principal who understands the unique needs of the Catholic school Admissions office. Recognizing that each school operates differently, and that every school’s admission process is a little different, Cloid has trained 100’s of schools on how to maximize their admissions management tools to exceed enrollment goals.

Cloid has been training Catholic schools for more than 20 years and below, he offers the following insights for your Admissions staff:

1. Make online inquiry, application and visitation forms easily available on your school website and be sure those forms are responsive and mobile-ready for parents.

Each form completed sends data to your admissions database to begin the outreach process to prospective students and their families.

“Our re-enrollment online forms worked great. We had almost 400 more students re-enroll online this year compared to last year. My goal was to have 75% of the parents re-enroll online instead of using paper re-enrollment. We met this goal with close to 1,200 students being re-enrolled online. The school secretaries have all expressed how much smoother the re-enrollment process has gone this year compared to the past.”

- John Schroeck
  Director of Technology
  Erie Catholic School System
  Diocese of Erie, Erie, PA

2. Customize the admissions and enrollment process to meet your school’s specific needs.

Admissions staff can set different prospect requirements for different grades, different programs, or from school to school within a diocese. Rediker’s AdmissionsPlus can be customized to meet every school's admissions needs.

3. For high schools, request a list of possible prospects from feeder middle schools in an Excel spreadsheet.

They can easily be imported into your software. Forms are pre-filled with corresponding data fields for families that have completed other forms for siblings already enrolled.

4. Track prospects (prospects, potential students, inquiries, etc.) over time for special events/camps.

With Appointments in AdmissionsPlus, you can create events and track who was invited and associate prospects with those events.

5. Email and communicate with different filtered groups easily

Drill down to focus on the specifics you are looking for such as grade level, sex or race via search and sort. Generate emails to prospective families meeting your requirements.

6. Create a paperless solution.

Everything can be done online, saving countless hours of paperwork. From inquiry and visitation forms, to e-recommendations and payments, the entire admissions process can be completed with no downloads or installs. This will help you keep on top of the progress of each application and ensure that you have all the key information you need at any one time.

Online Admissions for Catholic Schools with AdmissionsPlus
from Rediker Software

Admissions and enrollment methods geared to attract and retain students are more important than ever. With online features to provide a streamlined and easy-to-use system for enrollment needs, Rediker Software’s new fully web-based AdmissionsPlus platform makes it simple to track and communicate with each applicant step-by-step through the entire admissions process.

To prepare for the Admissions season, Catholic school admissions offices need to connect and engage with prospective families first. With fully responsive, mobile friendly online inquiries and enrollment forms, AdmissionsPlus can help start the dialogue. School staff can quickly view prospect data and drill down on prospects that meet their school’s needs, from GPAs and entrance exam scores to athletics and school alumni.  Powerful reporting tools provide data to see how many prospects are applying to each school, grade level and program, and how many prospects are in each admissions step.

AdmissionsPlus has been completely redesigned as an HTML5 application so it doesn’t require a client install and works on multiple browsers and operating systems. The Parent Account and Parent Forms can be accessed from any mobile device, so prospective families now have a convenient online experience while they schedule visits, request recommendations, make payments, and more.

Organizing data couldn’t be simpler with AdmissionsPlus. At-a-glance dashboard graphs and charts are customizable by user, allowing each user to have their own personalized dashboard view so they can see exactly what is important to them. The dashboard can display upcoming calendar events, a list of prospects that have not been contacted in a set number of days, and a breakdown of prospects by decision. Staff can also customize the Admissions process so they can set separate prospect requirements for different grades and programs, or from school to school within a diocese.

With Rediker’s web-based admissions management software, AdmissionsPlus, the entire process of initial inquiry to application acceptance and enrollment can now be done online.