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QuickTake: Ad-Hoc Batch Billing using Billing Plus

Created Jan. 30, 2020

Yearbooks, field trips, uniforms... for some PK-12 schools, billing and getting paid for simple school-related items and events can be an overly complicated nightmare. Tracking these charges with spreadsheets might not cut it, while using separate, full-blown accounting packages would be overkill.

Rediker Software's AdminPlus Student Information System comes with a built-in billing and payment tracking tool called Billing Plus. From hand-delivered cash and check payments to online card payment via our AP Online Forms, managing simple school sales is easy.

In this video, we've created a scenario where select students are planning to attend a field trip and need to pay a fee to go. Using Billing Plus, we demonstrate just how easy it is to track payments for this school trip.

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