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Public School Enrollment

Centralized Enrollment for Public Schools and Districts

Improve your enrollment process for your registrars and community with Admissions Plus Pro and Online Forms. Your school can save time and money by reducing the manual paper process and bringing your enrollment and re-enrollment needs online.

Simplify Public School
Student Enrollment
Save Time with
Online Forms and Applications
Evaluate Enrollment
Statistics in Real-Time
Approved Data Flows
Seamlessly into AdminPlus
  • Handle new student enrollment such as new kindergarten classes or transfer students.
  • Use Online Forms and Applications to bring your enrollment and re-enrollment processes online, making it a more convenient experience for families.
  • Evaluate enrollment numbers in real-time and learn more about incoming students in advance.
  • Collect and store new student documents, such as birth certificates, student photos, proof of residency, day care documentation, and other necessary information.
  • Synced Data: Re-enroll multiple children in one family all at once. Once the children are confirmed to be active students at your school the data can be updated in AdminPlus.
  • Report Writing: Generate reports based on re-enrollment statistics. Include any state-required information needed.
  • Collect basic fees that are part of the enrollment process, such as a tech fee or insurance.
  • Share online enrollment links to the town website or other public resources to make enrollment easier for parents to access and get started.
  • AdminPlus integration allows enrollment data and documents collected in Admissions Plus Pro to flow seamlessly into the AdminPlus database.
Flexibility and Control of Your Data

Admissions Plus Pro can be customized to meet your school’s specific enrollment needs. Registrars can set requirements for different grades or programs, or from school to school within a district. Each school receives its own customized online enrollment website that contains all forms required by the school.

Enrollment Data at Your Fingertips

Admissions for District Enrollment

Once a student’s enrollment information is submitted, the data flows seamlessly to Admissions Plus Pro for quick access in an organized and intuitive format. Easily evaluate important information, including:

  • Enrollment status
  • School, program and grade level enrolled
  • Demographics and activities
  • E-Portfolio documents
  • Contacts and email
  • Communication log to keep track of phone and email conversations between enrolling families and school staff for future reference
Bring the Enrollment Process Online

Implement a convenient and efficient enrollment experience for parents and school staff by bringing the process online:

    • Customize online enrollment forms quickly with complete control over the setup. Make enrollment forms public on your school and/or town website so parents can submit the information securely online. The data will be seamlessly entered into Admissions Plus Pro for your registrar to evaluate and track.
    • Parents only need one account for multiple children.
    • Multiple forms are linked. If the same fields are on multiple forms, those fields will auto-populate with the same details on other forms.
    • Upload documents, such as birth certificates or photos, and they are automatically attached to requirements in Admissions Plus Pro.
    • Families can pay fees online securely via credit card or checking account.
    Benefits and Features:
    • Streamline data collection with integrated online inquiries, enrollment forms and payments.
    • Do away with manila folders. Store all documents associated with each student using e-portfolios.
    • Send emails that notify enrolled families throughout the process and keep them informed.
    • Analyze new enrollments and demographic statistics.
    • Use or modify pre-formatted letters or easily write your own with the built-in report writer.
    • Once complete, automatically send fully enrolled students to AdminPlus or any SIS.