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School Fundraising & Advancement Software

An Easier Way for Schools to Sustain Donors and Reach Fundraising Goals

Is your school looking for powerful, yet easy to use school fundraising and donor management software? Rediker Software offers Sustain development software as part of the School Office Suite®, a collection of solutions for your entire school that are completely integrated with AdminPlus.

Sustain is a leading school fundraising and advancement software designed to track donors, alumni, prospects, pledges, grants, gifts, and solicitations for schools. This fundraising software includes gift, pledge, grant, and membership processing, as well as a tickler system to aid with Moves Management®. Sustain also offers end-to-end seamless integration with standard word processing software.

Key Features of Sustain
  • Planner - Access contact and grant information directly from the planner.
  • Contacts - Track multiple contacts within households and corporations.
  • Reports - Process and report on all kinds of receipts, including online gifts, matching gifts, in-kind gifts, tributes, pledge payments, membership fees, grants, anonymous gifts, and recurring gifts.
  • Mailing - Design letters, labels, thank-you notes, reminders, and more.
  • Online Payments - Validate and process credit card transactions online. Reduce costs and paperwork for handling electronic payments.
  • New Donors - Define cultivation status and use complete contact history as a tool for cultivating donors - known as Moves Management®.
  • Software Search - Query any field in your database.
  • Secure Data - Secure sensitive information by controlling view and edit rights at user and workgroup levels.
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Donor Couple

Sustain Fundraising & Advancement Software - Integrated with AdminPlus to give you a complete A-Z student information management solution!

Constituent Management​
  • Manage donors, alumni, prospects, solicitors, and tributes
  • Customize user-definable fields for storing donor details
  • Enter date-stamped notes in a record's free-flowing notepad
  • View giving history of any donor or group of donors
  • Track relationships with other individuals and organizations
  • Email individuals, groups, or the individuals and organizations identified by a query
Donor & Alumni Management


  • Access contact and grant information directly from the Planner
  • Track method of contact (phone, visit, etc.)
  • Print or email reports for contacts, solicitors, calendar, even complete notes history
  • Assign solicitors to contacts
  • Interface directly with the WealthEngine website to research prospects

Segmentation & RFA Analysis

  • Set up donor segmentation codes to identify donors based on frequency of giving and most recent amounts given
  • Use these codes for fine-tuning your targeted appeals


  • Integrate membership data with your donor database
  • Track and report on membership history
  • Print membership cards
Communication Made Easy

Sustain’s Mail Merge wizard moves you step-by-step through the mailing process for letters and email.


  • Create HTML email templates for your newsletters, alerts to your constituents, etc.
  • Embed individual donor data in email 'thank-yous', pledge reminders, and general correspondence
  • Take advantage of the Outlook® synchronization within your Sustain Planner


  • Seamless interface with Microsoft Word helps you design letters, labels, 'thank-yous', reminders, and more
  • Create, modify and merge documents
  • Add merge fields and barcodes easily to any document
  • Avoid repeat mailings within families or organizations
  • Expand mailings to reach team members or employees
Event Management & Planner
  • Plan, manage, and report on special events
  • Share one database and donation history with Sustain
  • Track commitments including grants, contacts, appointments, and tasks with the daily Planner
  • Display solicitation appointments, Moves Management® steps, staff coordination, notes, and more
  • Built-in pledge and grant reminders
  • Move entries to different time slots and days, and transfer entries to other users
  • Print reports on all scheduled tasks in a timeframe
  • Synchronize calendar with Microsoft Outlook
Gifts, Grants & Pledges


  • Validate and process credit card transactions online
  • Process and report soft credits and tax value
  • Attach gifts to individuals (for separate giving histories) or to households and corporations (for combined histories)
  • Allocate gifts to separate funds, campaigns, and appeals
  • Split gifts between different funds
  • Associate gifts with solicitors
  • Associate gifts with one or more tributes, memorial or honorary
  • Gift details can be stored in user-definable fields
  • Enter gifts using batch processing


  • Record and track proposal dates, guidelines, documents, and correspondence
  • Use free-flowing notepad for each grant
  • Grant deadlines appear as tasks on daily Planner


  • Attach pledges to all types of constituents: individuals, corporations, etc.
  • Allocate pledges to separate funds, campaigns, and appeals
  • Associate pledges with solicitors
  • Pledges can be matched, and the match rate and match party are entered right in the original pledge
  • Enter detailed pledge information in user-definable fields
  • Flexible payment schedule (monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annually, annually, or user-defined exceptions)
  • Write off a pledge balance and record details about the write-off
  • Generate solicitations, reminders, and thank you letters
  • See automatic "Pledge Reminders Due" notice on your daily planner, click on that reminder and you're taken into Pledge Reminders processing
Customizable Software Experience
  • View donor information instantly with built-in financial summaries
  • Customize your own views on user-definable standard forms
  • Run standard reports to see a comprehensive summary of a constituent's entire record including contact and giving history
  • Consolidate frequently-used fields on a single screen for convenient viewing and editing
  • Create folder alerts that pop up to remind users of crucial information about constituents
  • Secure sensitive information by controlling view and edit rights at user and workgroup levels
  • Prohibit users from editing gifts after posting
Data Handling & Report Generation
  • Import mailing lists, spreadsheets, query definitions, lists of donors, alumni, prospects, members, gifts, tributes, etc.
  • Import information for custom tables you design
  • Export directly to Excel or ASCII text files, PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel, Lotus®, XML or your email application
  • Query any field in your database, including your own custom tables
  • Add formatting to your query using the Quick Report Wizard to create a report "on the fly"
  • Associate your quick report with the query to format it the same each time you run that query
  • Choose from hundreds of standard reports that let you set the parameters
  • Built-in standard reports help you track the success of your appeals, campaigns, funds, solicitors, and events

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