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Integrated Solutions

Rediker Software is committed to integration, interoperability, and partnerships with the best education companies. Our own School Office Suite® is a group of best-of-breed software solutions for other parts of your school that are seamlessly integrated with AdminPlus. Our SIF agent allows our database system to exchange data in real time with other SIF-enabled applications and with states using SIF for data reporting. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure provides a secure, scalable solution for product development and deployment.

SIF Certified - Schools Interoperability Framework

The Administrator’s Plus SIF Agent is certified as a SIF 2 Enabled Application. The Administrator’s Plus SIF Agent provides real-time data exchange with other SIF-enabled applications, eliminating double data entry. It also streamlines “horizontal” data exchange, between schools within a district, and from districts to state education offices that use SIF for state reporting. Timely and accurate data benefits the students by allowing staff and parents to be more involved and engaged in their education.

SIF Logo
Rediker Software is Committed to SIF
  • Rediker Software has been committed to the SIF framework since its introduction.
  • John Lynch, our Director of Development, previously served for several years on the SIF Association NA Technical Board. John is an active participant in developing the SIF 3 specification.
  • Rediker Software has a team dedicated specifically to SIF and your state reporting needs. Our staff stays up to date on the latest SIF and State Reporting requirements.
  • Learn more about our latest Massachusetts SIF Vendor Contract.

School Office Suite®

Rediker Software offers an integrated school information system that provides a unified software solution for record keeping throughout the school. Because the Suite is fully integrated, when student information is entered into or updated in our Student Information System, that information is automatically distributed to all School Office Suite® system programs used in your school. Eliminate the frustration of disconnected departmental software programs and let our integrated School Office Suite create one flexible, unified system to manage your entire school's record keeping.


FINACS/AP Accounting is Rediker Software's FINACS Logocomplete fund accounting software program for schools, offering unsurpassed integration of student demographic information and financial information.


Is your school looking for powerful, Sustain Logoyet easy to use school fundraising software? Rediker Software offers Sustain development software as part of our School Office Intergrations.


QuikLunch Logo QuikLunch Cafeteria Software is equipped with the tools to move your serving line quickly and efficiently.

School LibraryInfo

Utilizing the latest in web-based technology,Atriuum Logo Atriuum offers school districts and public libraries an easy-to-use, affordable library automation solution. In addition to supporting traditional library functionalities, Atriuum also supports a variety of electronic resources, social networks, and RSS feeds.

Health ManagementInfo

SNAP Health Center LogoSNAP Health Center™ by PSNI is an all-inclusive Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution designed specifically for the school health clinic. The program provides a complete clinical picture for each student and streamlines clinical documentation.

Third Party Platform Integrations

Like mixing different products? Rediker Software offers many integration opportunities with alternate platforms.

Tuition Management

FACTS LogoFACTS Management Company, Smart Tuition Services and Tuition Management Systems (TMS) are the nation's leading tuition management providers for K-12 schools. We work directly with these companies to offer schools a simple solution to collecting tuition payments efficiently.

Blackboard Engage and GradeQuick QuickSync

While Administrator's Plus has its own gradebook,TeacherPlus Gradebook, and school web portal, PlusPortals for parents, students and teachers that utilize cutting-edge technology, we understand that some teachers prefer to use GradeQuick and Blackboard Engage (previously known as Edline) by Blackboard. Therefore, as part of our School Office Integrations, Rediker Software offers an interface with these products called QuickSync.


Connect Administrator's Plus to Your Finalsite Website

Rediker Software's Administrator's Plus integration with Finalsite allows you to connect the best student information system with one of the leading website providers. As a result, data flows seamlessly between both solutions, ensuring data is never entered twice.

Finalsite Logo

  • Better data management
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Eliminate double data entry
IEP Direct

Connect AdminPlus and TeacherPlus Gradebook with IEP Direct by Centris Group. IEP Direct is a leading web-based Special Education software program with state-specific Individualized Educational Program (IEP) solutions.IEP Direct Logo Our interface with IEP Direct provides a seamless sharing of demographic data between AdminPlus and IEP Direct. Furthermore, teachers can view IEPs from IEP Direct while in TeacherPlus Gradebook.


Clever is a simple way for schools to keep their learning software automatically in sync with the rosters in Administrator's Plus. When a school signs up for Clever, they can securely sync enrollment data from Administrator's Plus with all the applications they use. Schools can set up a single roster sync, and this integration can be done automatically.Clever Logo School administrators maintain complete control over what data is shared with each application partner. Clever can save schools - especially teachers and support staff - hundreds of hours of data entry that wastes instructional time.

OneNote Class Notebook

OneNote Class Notebooks have a personal OneNote Iconworkspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities. Teachers can use OneNote Class Notebook with Rediker's Administrator’s Plus SIS for assignment and grade integration.

Rediker Software with Microsoft Azure

Serving Over One Million Parents, Teachers and Students on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure enables companies to connect web and mobile applications to an existing IT environment. Through Microsoft Azure, Rediker Software is able to create a seamless connection between its student information system, Administrator’s Plus, and the company’s web and mobile applications for parents, students and teachers. As a result, members of a school community using Rediker Software’s products can easily access up-to-date data such as student demographics, grades, attendance, schedules and discipline from the web or directly from a mobile device.

Microsoft Azure provides Rediker and its school communities with a cloud platform that is secure, scalable and cost-effective. Whether in the U.S. or abroad, parents, teachers and students receive a positive user experience with fast, reliable access to the information they need, anywhere – anytime.

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