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School Cafeteria Software

QSP Point-of-Sale System with Online Lunch Payments

QSP Point-of-Sale is equipped with the tools to move your serving line quickly and efficiently. After selecting a meal, a student can enter a PIN or slide a bar-coded card before proceeding to the cashier. The cashier can use the student’s name, grade, homeroom, PIN, or even class picture to look up the necessary student information.

For each transaction, the screen will display the student’s picture, balance, and special meal status (encrypted for confidentiality). Illustrated touch screen buttons are also provided to select each food item currently being offered. Once the cashier indicates which items are being purchased, the total is automatically calculated. The cashier can use “quick keys” to rapidly process a payment by deducting funds directly from the student’s account; however, the student also has the option to pay the balance with cash or a check.

Key Features
  • Convenient high-level transaction layout on one screen
  • Sub-categories hold as many items as you offer
  • Students are identified with either a PIN or ID card
  • Selections can be entered (touched) in any order
  • Optional add-ons for free and reduced meal tracking and online payments
  • As part of the School Office Suite, QSP interfaces with Administrator's Plus
  • Browser-based solution supported by and hosted in the Cloud
  • Can run in offline mode
  • Change students during a transaction
  • Cashiers can start “touching” menu items for the next student in line prior to them entering their PIN
  • Use of Microsoft SQL server instead of “shareware”
  • Access to top notch QSP support
Online Meal Payments allows parents/guardians to fund student lunch accounts from the convenience of their home. Using with QSP, they can also review how their children are spending their lunch money.

  • Accounts can be funded anytime by parents, grandparents or anyone with approved access
  • No more remembering to send money to school for meals
  • Parents can easily set up multiple student accounts
  • Payments are deposited directly into the district's account
  • Student information, credit card information and all the other student data is highly encrypted and secure
  • mobile apps give parents and guardians on-the-go access to manage lunch accounts, including viewing account balances and purchases, and depositing funds
Free or Reduced Meal Tracking

Process, Print and Verify Applications for Free and Reduced Meals

eFORMAT automatically searches the application criteria and determines whether a child is eligible to receive free or reduced priced meals based on federal guidelines and limits.

Track students that receive free meals based on direct certification, food stamps or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). A detailed history is maintained for each student, including all status changes, letters sent and much more. Link families together and easily pull your verification sample.

Easy Report Generation

QSP Point-of-Sale is loaded with reports that will make reporting to the central office a breeze. Reports include:

  • Sales transaction
  • Student activity
  • State specific
  • Item purchases
  • Meal reimbursement
  • Many more!

In addition, letters to students and guardians can be generated to notify them when their account drops below a certain level.

AdminPlus Integration

As a member of the School Office Suite, QSP is fully integrated with Administrator’s Plus so data flows seamlessly between the two systems.

  • Students swipe their AdminPlus ID Cards or use a PIN
  • Photo and account information appear on screen to prevent fraudulent use
  • Cashiers easily process orders using the touch-screen monitor
  • Students have the option to prepay into accounts that are automatically charged
  • Free, reduced and full-priced meals are processed identically and privately to ensure student confidentiality
  • Data from multiple lines and multiple cafeterias can easily be compiled into centralized reports