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School Cafeteria Software

QuikLunch Point-of-Sale System with Online Lunch Payments

QuikLunch is a point-of-sale application that is designed to streamline school cafeteria services. From everyday full-service meals to bulk classroom sales, and even system-wide updates and reporting, QuikLunch makes it easy to process and maintain all cafeteria data transactions.

As a member of the School Office Suite®, QuikLunch is fully integrated with Administrator’s Plus so data flows seamlessly between the two systems. QuikLunch can also interface with and QuikApps to keep student balance records, free/reduced meal eligibility, special dietary or nutritional needs information accessible and up to date.

Key Features
  • Web-based system that can work offline
  • Engage the program by point and click or by touch
  • Centralized data management from the District level
  • Interfaces with AdminPlus as part of the School Office Suite
  • Extensive reporting suite that adheres to all state and federal requirements
  • Offers sales modes like Full Service, Bulk Select and the one-touch, quick-key option: Tap to Sell
  • Compatible with PIN pads, Biometrics and card readers that work with the AdminPlus ID Card
  • Switch to any student in the "line" on screen during a transaction
  • Information is kept up to date with online payments made through
  • Customize menu arrangements by item category or meal period
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Student Profile Information

As each student is queued into the system to check out, cashiers can see all the necessary information at a glance, including:

  • The student’s class photo
  • The student’s account balance
  • Any free or reduced meal classification
  • Any special dietary or nutritional needs

Each student can be grouped on the screen in several different ways, including:

  • Lines: Automatically populated by digital input devices such as PIN pads and Biometrics. If more than one line is in progress, each line will have its own tab on the screen according to screen size.
  • Roster: Use a pre-composed roster list of students that is created by the Administrator.
  • Grade: Load all students in the selected grade level.
  • Classroom: Load all students in the selected classroom.
  • Search: Students' names can be individually looked up. Any student matching the search criteria will be shown in the “line” area on the screen.
    Sales Mode Options

    Dedicated action buttons can be used to switch between sales modes like Full Service, Bulk Select, Item Sale, Tap to Sell, and Biometrics.

    • Full Service: default mode to process sales like normal.
    • Bulk Sale: sell item(s) to a group of students. Free, reduced and denied student counts are collected all at once so insufficient or unqualified accounts can be excluded.
    • Tap to Sell: One-touch meal sale per individual. The full meal is automatically applied to their account for fast check-out.
    • Biometrics: Works with a biometric device to automatically identify each individual via finger print scan. The identified student's information is automatically displayed so the transaction can be completed on their account.
    Online Meal Payments (PFI), a secure online web portal that works with QuikLunch.

    • Parents can easily set up and pay for multiple students’ accounts
    • No more remembering to send money to school for meals
    • Keep track of any outstanding fees due per student
    • Student information, credit card information and all other student data is highly encrypted and secure
    • Use it to support food services, fees, activities, fundraisers, after school programs and registrations
    Free or Reduced Meal Tracking

    QuikApps is an online tool designed to help parents and guardians navigate through the application and verification process for free or reduced meals.

    • Federal income guidelines for families of all sizes can be looked up and approved without the need to do computations or annual conversions manually
    • The information is updated in QuikLunch so each student's profile will show if they qualify for a free or reduced meal at checkout
    • Use it to determine the costs-per-student for lunch purchases and other fees such as activities, child care and transportation
    • Applicant data can even be entered in from the central district office or from an individual school
    • Reduces the need to process paper applications and manually enter data, saving time and money

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