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Admissions and Enrollment

Bring Admissions Online, Increase Enrollment and Improve Recruitment
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Rediker Software provides online admissions and enrollment solutions for all types of PK-12 schools. AdmissionsPlus with online forms and applications makes it easy for independent schools to track and communicate with each applicant step-by-step through the entire web-based admissions process, from initial inquiry through acceptance and enrollment. AdmissionsPlus offers unique features for charter schools to bring applications online, conduct school lotteries, and manage waitlists. Public schools, Parent Information Centers, and districts can streamline the online enrollment process for new students, making it a faster and easier experience for parents and school staff.

Take a Quick In-App Tour and See How AdmissionsPlus Works:

Charter School Online Enrollment
Bring applications online, conduct school lotteries, manage waitlists, and streamline charter school online enrollment with AdmissionsPlus.
Independent School Online Admissions
Track and communicate with each applicant step-by-step through the entire online admissions process, from initial inquiry through acceptance and enrollment.
Public School Online Enrollment

Enrollment is quick and easy for parents. Once approved, the information moves seamlessly into AdminPlus.

Exceed Enrollment Goals and Streamline the Entire Admissions Process

With Rediker Software's web-based AdmissionsPlus software, it's easy to track and communicate with applicants through the entire admissions process, from initial inquiry through acceptance and enrollment.

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Track each prospect
step-by-step through a customizable web-based admissions process.

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Streamline the process
with fully responsive online forms for inquiries, applications, e-recommendations, and more.

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Automatically inform
parents, applicants and staff throughout each step of the admissions process.

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Enroll students with one click!
The data moves automatically into AdminPlus. Easily export admissions data to any other SIS.

Customize to Meet Your Specific Admissions Needs

AdmissionsPlus can be customized to meet every school's admissions needs. Admissions staff can set different prospect requirements for different grades, different programs, or from school to school within a district or diocese.

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Online Applications and Admissions Forms

Complete enrollment management with mobile-friendly online forms for inquiries, applications,
visitation days, e-recommendations, and more.

Improve your admissions and enrollment process with AdmissionsPlus' fully responsive online forms and applications. Eliminate extra work, avoid duplicate data entry, and set your school apart by creating a convenient online experience for prospective students and families.

Create a Paperless Solution
  • Inquiry forms: Forms automatically send data to AdmissionsPlus to begin the outreach process to prospective students and their families.
  • Visitation forms: Parents can schedule when they would like to visit the school. Events from the online forms are added to the built-in AdmissionsPlus calendar, allowing school staff to easily manage requested appointments.
  • E-Recommendations: Request and receive recommendations online. Completed recommendations are automatically tracked and added to students' e-portfolios.
  • Upload documents: Required documents such as birth certificates or recommendations can be securely uploaded as part of the admissions process.
  • Automatic confirmation emails: Families are kept informed with automatic emails sent upon submission of forms.
  • Online payments: Families can securely pay fees online. Use our integrated payment processing services to receive funds faster at reduced rates.
  • Easy-to-manage: Schools have control of the forms and can make changes in minutes.
  • Enrollment integration: AdmissionsPlus is fully integrated with Administrator's Plus. All data, including e-portfolio items, flows seamlessly into the SIS.
Quick and Easy to Use
  • Bring your admissions applications online. Fields from AdmissionsPlus, including the validated entries, are easily included on the forms.
  • Online forms are responsive and can be accessed from any sized device.
  • Multiple forms are linked. If the same fields are on multiple forms, filling in those fields automatically fills them in on other forms. For example, you may have application and visitation day forms. When a prospect enters their name and phone on one, they automatically appear on the other form!
  • Forms are pre-filled for families that have completed another form or are already registered. Partially completed forms are stored and may be finished at a later time.
  • Online form accounts for parents are designed to show what has been completed and what still needs to be completed as well as any other relevant information such as lottery number, waitlist number, and comments from the school about form submissions.

AdmissionsPlus Online Forms are Fully Responsive for Mobile Devices

Responsive Online Admissions Forms