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Responsive Website Design and Hosting for Schools

Create a Great-Looking, Accessible School Website that is Affordable and Easy to Edit

Respond to the mobile requirements of prospects, parents and students with a RediSite for your school or district. Your RediSite - a responsive school website from Rediker Software - is optimized to make browsing easy for different devices, from desktop monitors to tablets and smartphones. With a RediSite school website hosted by Rediker Software, your school can achieve and maintain a great-looking, ADA-compliant website that is affordable, mobile-friendly and easy for your staff to edit and update.

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RediSite - Responsive Website Design and Hosting

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Cross Schools selected Rediker Software to host our website and we could not be more pleased. Our staff is now able to directly sign on to our website, make changes, add content and pictures and update a calendar of events instantly and easily. The Rediker support staff is kno... continue
Kim Trask, Business Manager
Cross Schools, Bluffton, SC
Cross Schools selected Rediker Software to host our website and we could not be more pleased. Our staff is now able to directly sign on to our website, make changes, add content and pictures and update a calendar of events instantly and easily. The Rediker support staff is knowledgeable, courteous and quick to respond. Rediker has enabled us to transform our website into a professional and interactive website. We could not be more pleased with the results. Rediker has put our school back in control of its website.
Kim Trask, Business Manager
Cross Schools, Bluffton, SC
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One Site for All Devices

There is no need to pay for and maintain a separate site for mobile devices. Your RediSite automatically changes for mobile devices, creating an optimal user experience on any device. Built with mobile in mind, buttons and widgets are designed to be gesture friendly and easy to use with your fingertips.

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Easy to Edit and Maintain

Your RediSite includes a powerful CMS (content management system). You have access to a suite of tools to add content, edit content, reposition content, and maintain a high level of control over any changes needed for your website, without paying an outside vendor for each task.

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SIS Integration

Your RediSite includes an all-in-one integration with PlusPortals, Online Admissions applications, and other Rediker Software products. Visitors can sign in to their Rediker Software Portals account from nearly any page through an encryption protected login form that ensures your parents' and students' information stays secure.

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ADA Compliance Tools

With tools and technology to maintain ADA compliance, your RediSite will be accessible and usable by all students, parents and teachers.

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Powerful Front and Back-End Features

CMS Tools

Event Management: Event and Calendar solutions offer support for recurring events, automatic expiration, and multiple layout views such as monthly view or responsive list view for smaller handheld devices. You can create an unlimited number of calendars and assign each event to the appropriate calendar all from one centralized interface.

In-Context Editing: Site Editors can navigate through their website like a regular visitor, switch a page into Edit Mode and then make edits without ever leaving the public-facing page. Creating the desired layout for each page is easy - simply drag and drop content blocks (pictures, text, videos, files, etc.) into place.

Form Builder: Create the forms you need to collect data from your website. Simply drag and drop them on to the page in Edit Mode.

Add the Rediker Software Online Forms to your site to link any Data Base field to the core AdminPlus software.

Button Maker: Make a call-to-action button in a snap and place it on any page. Select a color from your preset user interface and even add an eye-catching icon.

User Friendly

Integrated Rediker Portals: Include the login box for parents, students and alumni to access their PlusPortals within your website.

Downloadable Content: Store sets of downloadable files in your website's file management repository. Add the PDF download block anywhere on your website for visitors to access. Include an optional thumbnail and description.

Website Search: Powerful internal website search allows your visitors to look for nearly any content on your site.

Alert Message: Set up a site-wide alert that can notify visitors of important information like school closings.

Social Sharing

Calendar App: Share your school's events in a full feature Calendar App. It can be used to display third-party iCal feeds, including Rediker's PlusPortals, the Google G Suite and Outlook, or you can use it as a standalone calendar by adding events directly to your website in the Dashboard.

Share Widget: Encourage shares via social media and email in one easy widget. Blog/News and Events have share buttons that allow visitors to spread your content around to their followers. Get your major events, news and blogs heard.

Integrated Blog/News Engine: Post news or daily happenings to your blog all while working within a centralized user interface. By default, the blog supports tagging, categorization, social commenting, social sharing features, archiving, and more.

ADA-Compliant Technology

With tools and technology to achieve and maintain ADA compliance, your school's RediSite will be accessible and usable by students, teachers and families with disabilities. For instance, assistive technologies like screen readers can help the visually impaired navigate your school website.

WCAG 2.0 standards include a checklist of conditions, among them the requirement that a website meet both content and markup areas including:

  • Creating alt-text and captions for images
  • Semantic markup (code) tools
  • Keyboard navigation of the website
  • Easy, clear ways to find information
RediSite school websites include all the tools and technology you will need to make sure your website meets WCAG 2.0 standards.
Media Management

File Management: Upload photos, documents and images to your website. Manage all of your digital assets with features like bulk upload, file grouping, file versioning, and file access & permissions.

Image Editing: Placing images onto your pages is a breeze using the mobile-friendly image blocks. The File Manager is integrated with Pic Monkey, a free online photo editor to resize your photographs and images. Crop and resize images, apply Instagram-like filters, add text, change colors & contrast, apply borders, and more.

Video Support: Built-in support for popular streaming video platforms YouTube and Vimeo are HTML5 mobile-ready. Add a single video or mix and match videos from both platforms into a video gallery. Publishing a video to your site only takes a few minutes - simply copy and paste the video URL into the media block; no embed codes necessary.

Google Maps: The maps block allows you to embed a Google Maps window directly onto your page. The maps block works just like the full site with pan and zoom capabilities.

Website Tracking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimize your website for search engines - Manage Meta Data, enable Vanity URLs, XML Site Map, and Custom Page Titles. Add separate tracking codes to insert Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels or other third party tracking codes.

Google Analytics: Gain direct insight into your website's traffic and site visitors. Track where your visitors come from, including search engines, social networks, direct visits, and referring sites.

Administrative Permissions: Control back-end website contributions by user or group through the Members dashboard in the CMS. Manage access to certain parts of your website, save information about visitors, or simply categorize them all.

Versioning Control: Preview your changes before publishing, track versions, compare differences between them, and easily roll back to any previous version.

Advanced Features

The following features are available in our ADVANCED and CUSTOM packages only.

* Some advanced and custom features require an initial assessment to determine setup. Additional fees may apply.

Social Feed: Display feeds on your website from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Donation Pages: Set up a Donation Page on your website and accept online donations using PayPal, or Stripe. We can also help integrate a donation form if you are using another software solution that offers a web service.

RediSite Calendar Feature

Calendar views include by month, by week, by day, accordion list, and carousel side-scroll.

New standalone Calendar App with built-in support for third-party feeds.

  • Improved Calendar Feeds - Add events from any calendar that supports the iCal format, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Rediker’s PlusPortals.
  • Flexible Calendar Management - Have one or multiple calendars for each feed, sort calendars by categories or merge multiple feeds into one calendar.
  • New Responsive Calendar Views - Monthly, Accordion and Carousel views, with support for Microdata which helps search engines and other applications better understand your content.
  • Use as a Standalone Calendar - Not using a Rediker PlusPortals Calendar? No problem! The new Calendar for RediSite is a full featured standalone Calendar App. Create Event Pages in the CMS and use content blocks to add images, slideshows, and sponsors or sell tickets from the new integrated store.

RediSite Solutions in Action

Hebrew Academy (Rabbi Alexander S. Gross) Logo
Case Study: Responsive Website Design Adds Value to the School Community
Hebrew Academy (Rabbi Alexander S. Gross)

"I believe the website is a significant asset for student recruitment and enrollment retention. Our families are excited to have a website that reflects the true nature of our school, and potential families have asked if our school is really as fantastic as our website makes it seem...which of course it is!" - Dr. Ami Eskanos Dean of Admission 
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American School of Brasilia Logo
Case Study: An Affordable, Integrated and Responsive Website
American School of Brasilia, Brazil

“The RediSite solution has empowered the American School of Brasilia to easily stand out among other international schools with a strong web presence,” said Rediker Software President Andrew Anderlonis. “They can now manage their website with ease and communicate more effectively with their school community by using RediSite’s user-friendly content management system and integrations with other Rediker products.” 
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