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School Scheduling Software for
Elementary and Middle Schools

Basic scheduling that's fast, easy and comprehensive

Scheduling Plus

Fast and powerful school scheduling software for grades K-8

Scheduling Plus offers both simplicity and comprehensive results when it comes to getting elementary and middle students scheduled. You can schedule by grade level, homeroom, roster, and leveled classes, and even combine different scheduling methods to reflect your school model.

Need to build a master schedule?

We offer the most reliable and fastest master schedule builder on the market, designed to tackle your school's most complex scheduling requirements.


Once a schedule is complete, parent's can view their children's schedules on the ParentPlus web portal.

Features for K-8 Basic Scheduling

Once homerooms and/or teams are assigned and meeting times are set in Scheduling Plus,
basic scheduling makes the process of getting students into classes quick and simple. 


  • Nine different bell schedules/rotations available

  • Quickly schedule by homeroom or any data field

  • Schedule students by roster for leveled classes

  • Schedule by grade level

  • Combine different scheduling methods

  • For middle schools, batch course requests and have students loaded into the course schedule

  • Evenly distribute boys and girls in classes

  • Copy one section to another

  • Easily resolve scheduling conflicts using reports and tools

  • See where a student is scheduled on the AdminPlus home page in real-time

  • Parents can access their child's school schedule in the ParentPlus web portal

  • View student schedules on your iOS or Android device

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