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School Scheduling and Master Schedule Building Software

Fast and Powerful School Scheduling Software

Build your best schedule ever in the shortest amount of time while satisfying your student requests and teacher availability. Scheduling Plus with our Super Deluxe Schedule Builder is the easiest and most reliable scheduling software on the market, offering both simplicity and comprehensive results.

Scheduling Plus Features
  • View student schedules while accessing their information in other modules at the same time.
  • View student schedules on your iOS or Android device. The class a student is scheduled to be in at that time is automatically highlighted.
  • Enter course requests online, manually or with a scanner.
  • Step-by-step menu to guide you through the scheduling process.
  • Reports and tools to easily resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Email students their class schedules in grid or line format using our Email module.
  • Using our ParentPlus school web portal, put class schedules online.
  • Built-in report writer lets you print sign-up sheets, course request verification forms, manual or scanned course request forms, and more.
  • Design your own documents or save time with our ready-to-use templates.
  • Create numerous reports to facilitate scheduling, including master schedule of requests, tally reports, course master lists, partial scheduling reports, and more.
Build Any Type of Schedule

Scheduling Plus can build nearly any type of schedule, including block scheduling, for schools of all sizes. The module offers two different modes to build your schedule:

  • Automatic Scheduler: Analyzes relevant information, including course requests and teacher availability, and builds your schedule for you.
  • Interactive Scheduler: Analyzes relevant information, suggests which periods would be best, and shows where teachers are available, but lets you make choices based on this information.
Flexible Scheduling Options

Schedule students all at once, by grade level or individually.

  • Walk-In Scheduling: When students enroll after scheduling has been completed, schedule them individually without disrupting previously scheduled students.
  • Precision Balance: Scheduling Plus creates the most evenly balanced sections possible, shuffling students until it achieves a schedule with optimally balanced sections.
  • Optional Study Hall Scheduler: Automatically schedule students into study halls for their free periods using our optional Study Hall Scheduler module.

Master Schedule Building

The Super Deluxe Schedule Builder, included with Scheduling Plus, is the most powerful, advanced master schedule builder available to build the best schedule for your school:

Powerful Scheduling Features
  • Graphical scheduling console with running "scoreboard".
  • Option to build your schedule automatically or interactively.
  • Let it run overnight! It will compare combinations to find the best possible schedule.
  • Build schedules for both semesters at once.
  • Minimize conflicts.
  • Include teacher pools, time pools, and room pools in the schedule building process.
  • Automated optimization process.
  • Speed schedule to integrate new kids.
  • Automatic section balancing.
Scheduling on iPad
Rediker's Scheduling program is the best one on the market."
Mitch Francis, Registrar
Horace Mann School - Bronx, NY
Rediker's Scheduling program is the best one on the market."
Mitch Francis, Registrar
Horace Mann School - Bronx, NY

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