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PlusPortals - ParentPlus & StudentPlus Web Portals

Support online learning and create a seamless connection between your school, students and their families

Support Online Learning and Remote Classrooms

PlusPortals supports online learning and remote classroom workflows with a series of useful and easy-to-use features.

  • Teachers can conduct classroom activities from their portal class pages and communicate with students, parents and other staff.
  • Students can access their teachers’ class pages where they participate in classroom discussions, submit coursework, access class resources, and view scores and grades.
  • Parents can monitor their students’ classroom participation and progress.
The All-in-One Solution for Schools

Mobile apps for iOS and Android® make it easy for the school community to stay connected.

ParentPlus, StudentPlus and TeacherPlus Mobile App Icons
Rediker’s products are awesome. Recently, we received updates to the PlusPortals and TeacherPlus and our teachers were very satisfied with these. They love the products!"
Anh Vien , Head of IT
American International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Rediker’s products are awesome. Recently, we received updates to the PlusPortals and TeacherPlus and our teachers were very satisfied with these. They love the products!"
Anh Vien , Head of IT
American International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Impress with PlusPortals

Impress your school community. Our intuitive interface utilizes the latest web technology to create a pleasant interactive experience for parents, students and staff. Parents only need one login to view all of their children’s data, class pages and online forms.

Key Features:
  • Customized portal that utilizes the latest web technology.
  • One login for a parent to view all of their children's data.
  • Interactive dashboards that show grades and progress.
  • Personalized, combined calendars that include homework, tests, field trips, sports, and other school events. Load select calendar events to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Calendar.
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive document access for teachers and students.
Share with PlusPortals

Instantly share information online. True integration with all Rediker products means parents and students will be able to view important data in real-time. Interactive dashboards show grades and progress for all of their child’s studies.

  • Scores and grades in real-time, including homework, quiz and test scores, as well as exams and final grades.
  • Attendance displayed daily and by period. Parents can view their child's number of absences, tardies and dismissals.
  • Schedules sorted by week or daily rotation with at-a-glance class information: title, room and teacher.
  • Discipline data with details of infractions.
  • Alerts and announcements so your school community stays informed about upcoming news and events.
  • Back-to-school supply lists via the TeacherLists integration feature. Lists can be uploaded in almost any file format (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, etc.) and can be made available for parents and students to access within their ParentPlus account.
  • School directory of parents, students and staff. Give your school community the ability to choose what information they wish to share, if any, in the directory.
  • Portfolio documents from AdminPlus that include student work, transcripts, letters, completed forms, and more.
  • Lesson plans with accompanying resources and online quizzes for both parents and students to view.
  • Automatic email notifications when new data is posted to PlusPortals.
Interact with PlusPortals

No maintenance, no hassles. PlusPortals are powered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure, creating a reliable and secure connection for your school community.

  • Class Pages with homework, quizzes, announcements, links, and documents to keep parents and students up-to-date.
  • Digital "Classroom" features including online quizzes and homework submission with teacher comments.
  • Groups feature for connecting teachers and staff with students and parents for extracurricular or academic groups.
  • Unit Builder, allowing administrators to create and edit Lesson Planner units for teachers on an administrative level, and attach links and files that are visible only to teachers.
  • Google Calendar integration with the ability to feed multiple calendars from Google into the PlusPortals Calendar.
  • Integrated email and messaging capability for parents, students, teachers, and staff to easily communicate with one another.
  • Course requests can be submitted by parents or students and approved by school staff before being received into AdminPlus.
  • Update demographics. Give parents the ability to update their child's personal information online.
  • Co-teaching permissions give multiple teachers access to shared course information including student data, calendars and lesson plans.
  • Integration options for FACTS, Finalsite and Follett.
  • Google Translate to view the portals in a different language.


Parents and Students: If you need more information about PlusPortals please contact your school directly.

Support Resources

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For School Admins:

  • Informational Webinar, "Using PlusPortals to Support Remote Classrooms and Online Learning" View Webinar
  • PlusPortals Manager Guide
  • Discussions Feature Guide

For Teachers and Parents:

  • TeacherPlus User Guide
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