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Administrator's Plus®

A Complete Student Information System for PK-12 Schools

Administrator's Plus® is our cloud-based PK-12 student information system that helps educators manage data, maximize student success and communicate with parents and families. This easy-to-use system handles attendance, report cards, schedule building, discipline, billing and much more. Administrator's Plus is seamlessly integrated with the TeacherPlus web gradebook and the ParentPlus web portal, creating a complete, secure online solution for school management.

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Streamline administrative tasks saving time and money
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Manage student information across your school, district or diocese
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Improve school-to-home communication
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Make information available online for students, parents and staff

AdminPlus is seamlessly integrated, allowing
data to flow easily between every module


The AdminPlus database allows you to track student and staff data in an intuitive format that ensures data integrity, accurate reporting and quick access to information.

Scheduling and Master Schedule BuildingInfo

Quickly build virtually any kind of schedule with our powerful schedule builder in Administrator's Plus. You will be amazed at the even balance between sections in multi-section courses.

TeacherPlus Web GradebookInfo

Our powerful TeacherPlus web gradebook helps schools with grades, assessments, attendance, lesson plans, standards, reporting and online communication.

PlusPortals - ParentPlus & StudentPlusInfo

PlusPortals are a family of interactive web portals that enable school administrators and teachers to instantly share data and engage with parents and students in a secure environment.

Mobile AppsInfo

Access student data anytime, anywhere - including contacts, pictures, report cards, scheduling and discipline - on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Report Writing

Choose from hundreds of reports in Administrator's Plus, download additional reports, or customize reports for your specific needs. Even multi-language reporting is made easy!

Online FormsInfo

Easily create online forms to be filled in by your constituents with Administrator's Plus Online Forms. Forms can contain data from your Administrator's Plus Data Base fields, Contacts or Super Data Base tables.


Quickly notify thousands of contacts within your school community via email, text and voice message, without the need to import data or leave Administrator's Plus.


Easily track daily or period attendance for students and staff and produce daily attendance bulletins, letters and documents. Attendance data can be viewed on AP Mobile Apps.

Report CardsInfo

View and edit grades, produce attractive report cards, and more with Report Cards Plus. Customize report cards and transcripts with the information, format and appearance you choose.

Student BillingInfo

Billing Plus provides private and public schools with powerful features for student invoicing, data entry, receiving payments online, and financial record keeping.


Document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports, notices, forms and other documents.

Email & E-PortfoliosInfo

Email reports, letters, notices, schedules, report cards, and other documents created in Administrator's Plus without leaving the program. Use E-Portfolios for the digital storage of student and staff documents, including report cards, transcripts, parental letters and more.

Photo ID CardsInfo

Take pictures of students and staff, design and print customized photo ID cards, create school directories, and insert student photos throughout Administrator’s Plus and other integrated programs at your school.

District ManagementInfo

Instantly access and manage all student, staff and school data across your school district.

Diocesan ManagementInfo

Manage all student, staff and school data across your diocese. Produce the NCEA Data Summary Report in seconds.

Why choose Administrator's Plus?

Flexible and easy to use: Administrator's Plus is packed with features that are easy to use and make it simple to perform any task, from entering a new student to printing report cards and more.

Unmatched technical support: Although our software is easy to use, questions do arise. We make outstanding customer support a top priority. Rediker Software has developed a superb technical support team that we feel is the best in the industry. When our customers have questions, they quickly get answers.

Secure access over the web: Administrators, teachers, students and parents have secure access from school and home using the Web. Students can enter their course requests online. With TeacherPlus, teachers can enter discipline, enter grades, take attendance, and more. With ParentPlus, a parent can securely view their child's progress in school and access important information including grades, class schedules, discipline, announcements, calendars, online forms and much more.

View all modules at once: View a student's demographics, grades, schedule, discipline, attendance and billing data all at the same time. There is no need to switch from module to module.

Excel® wizard: With one click, any and all data can be viewed in Excel. Pivot tables can be created in seconds, allowing you to analyze enrollment statistics and more. You can also create powerful, multi-module queries.

Off-site backup: Keep your data secure by automatically backing up your data to our servers each evening.

Any field lookup: Instantly look up students by any field with just one or two clicks.

AdminPlus Screens on Mobile Devices
Our school could not be happier with the suite of Rediker products we have implemented! From the beginning, training and customer service was outstanding. The products are very easy to use and allow our teachers and administrative staff to communicate easily with parents and stud... continue
Jeffrey Fulmer, Principal
St. James School, Cincinnati, Ohio
Our school could not be happier with the suite of Rediker products we have implemented! From the beginning, training and customer service was outstanding. The products are very easy to use and allow our teachers and administrative staff to communicate easily with parents and students. I can't imagine being able to do my job as easily without the many features we use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Rediker to any school looking to improve operations and communications. You won't regret it!
Jeffrey Fulmer, Principal
St. James School, Cincinnati, Ohio