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Complete School Management Solutions

PK-12 student information system, gradebook, admissions,
responsive websites, and more

Product Overview  |  Implementation Process

Our suite of school software solutions include:

Fully Integrated Data Management for Schools, Districts and Dioceses

Rediker Software provides an integrated, affordable, centralized, secure cloud-hosted solution to serve all types of PK-12 schools around the world. From a single small school to large districts and dioceses, we offer web-based delivery, mobile accessibility and the dedication to support ever richer communication for schools, families and the community.


AdminPlus Student Information System

An administrative program typically used by all office personnel, AdminPlus provides storage of Student Demographics, Daily Attendance, Period Attendance, Scheduling, Report Cards/Grades, Discipline and Billing Data, and the ability to report and export/share all of these. Loaded with time-saving automation tools and a powerful Master Schedule Builder, Administrator's Plus Student Information System has been the choice for thousands of schools for four decades.

Support Online Learning and Remote Classrooms

PlusPortals supports online learning and remote classroom workflows with a series of useful and easy-to-use features. Teachers can conduct classroom activities from their portal class pages and communicate with students, parents and other staff. Students can access their teachers’ class pages where they participate in classroom discussions, submit coursework, access class resources, and view scores and grades. Parents can monitor their students’ classroom participation and progress.

Contact Database

A single database across the district of fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, pick-up contacts, and grandparents: any “contact” that has a relationship with the student. The system provides methods for tailoring communications based on rights selected for each contact. Portals accounts for these contacts can be enabled with a single check box.

District/Diocesan School Community Icon Image

District and Diocesan
Data Management

The District and Diocesan Manager for Administrator's Plus provides the district or diocese with management of student, staff and school data across all schools: statistics, student data, staff data, enrollment, and school-to-school transfer.

Grade Management and Reporting

TeacherPlus is an easy-to-use, web-based gradebook designed specifically for Administrator's Plus schools. Teachers can access their gradebooks at any time, even from their iPad, and data flows easily between the classroom and central office. TeacherPlus Gradebook includes robust skills and standards-based assessments, and seven different methods of skills grade calculations are offered, including the increasingly popular Power Law method. Grades, comments and narrative data can be included in progress reports and report cards.

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Admissions and Enrollment

AdmissionsPlus is a department specific tool that organizes all prospective student data and features a workflow “checklist” that is customizable for each school. All student and family data is centralized in our web-based system, and all digital documents associated with each prospective student are stored in the E-Portfolio (included). Accept applications via the integrated, secure Online Forms, manage wait lists, generate lottery numbers, and more.

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Mobile Access

Rediker Software offers many ways to meet the mobile demands of your staff, parents and students. AdminPlus Mobile Apps for iOS & Android brings your Administrator's Plus data onto your favorite mobile device. Mobile apps for the parent and student web portals are included for each and every one of them, and we offer iPad, Android Tablet, and Chromebook apps for our TeacherPlus Gradebook.

Daily and Period Attendance

From recording attendance to producing daily attendance bulletins, letters and documents, Attendance Plus simplifies a wide range of school attendance tasks. Teachers can send attendance to the office simply by clicking on student pictures in our gradebook's class seating chart. School staff can access attendance data via mobile devices.

Conduct and Behavior

Discipline Plus lets educators document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports, notices, forms, and other documents.

Parent Access to Student Information

Parents can see their child’s attendance, grades and assignments in real time. Teachers input this information easily, and share it without syncing or manually saving the data.

Master Schedule Building and Schedule Assignment

To accommodate the diverse and complex schedules we find in schools, we created the most robust and flexible schedule builder on the market. The builder incorporates course requests submitted online or input manually, with detailed data about your staff, room and time constraints. And it builds not one, but hundreds of scheduling solutions, which the program ranks according to the total number of conflicts that exist. The system then allows interactive tailoring of the schedule so that a complete solution can often be arrived at in days, not weeks or months.

Once the schedule is built, assignment to staff and students is a one-step process. Students coming in during the school year can be scheduled in minutes using our Speed Scheduler. When small adjustments need to be made in students’ schedules, all courses, sections and rosters available to guidance staff can be consulted in one click.

We Support New Schools Through the Entire Process

Proper implementation, training and support are critical to the success of your school’s SIS. We work closely with your school or district during the entire process. Professional services are included in our base pricing, and include:


Assessment and Consultation

We understand each school is unique. Rediker will first schedule an assessment and consultation session to identify your school’s existing systems and data, existing hardware, current processes, procedures, policies, and requirements. A discussion about reporting needs, expectations and implementation requirements will take place during this session.


Setup and Configuration

Rediker will work with your school on the installation, initial configuration and setup (including setting up the schools’ accounts and user logins on the cloud), customization of database fields, and any interfaces purchased. Other additional software components can be purchased, set up and trained on at any time after the initial configuration and training.


Data Conversions and Data Import

Rediker provides data conversion services. Once initial setup is completed, the Rediker implementation team will assist with data import of demographic data (such as student names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, parent/guardian contact information, and whatever other data fields deemed necessary). If applicable, Rediker can also assist with the import of the Master Course List and historical grades of existing students.


End Users Training

Rediker offers a comprehensive and continuous training program. End users’ training is the most important element of a successful implementation and user strategy. We take a hands-on approach in our training so users can apply what they learn right away. Rediker is also very proud of the fact that we customize each training session to the needs of your school. After the initial training, various ongoing training options are provided and are available for continuous learning.


Support and Follow Up

Rediker believes in the importance of supporting schools throughout the implementation and transition period, and the entire time the school uses our school management solutions. We provide the best technical support in the industry. We are accessible. Support options are available via email, our support site and online user forums, if preferred. There is no limit to the number of people who can contact our technical support team.

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