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Store and Manage Digital Versions of Student and Staff Documents in Administrator's Plus

The E-Portfolio module in Administrator's Plus gives schools a secure, centralized area to collect and store folders of student and staff documents. E-Portfolios can hold almost any type of file, including report cards, transcripts, art, class projects, parent letters, awards, pictures, and sound and movie clips of a student's recitals, plays or speeches. Each student's portfolio becomes an important part of their educational record.

E-Portfolio Key Features
  • Network Storage - All E-Portfolio information can be stored in one convenient network location on the school's network where Administrator's Plus users have access.
  • PDF Files - PDF versions of any document can be automatically generated in Administrator's Plus and added to the E-Portfolio. Easily view and print any PDF document with a click of a button.
  • Individual E-Portfolios - documents are linked to specific student or staff records for easy recall when viewing an individual's data profile.
Storage for School Documents

Administrators Plus can automatically add any document it produces to students' e-portfolios as PDF documents.

Include important student records such as:

  • Report Cards: In one step, you can create report cards for 1,000 students, send them home using Administrator's Plus Email and at the same time store a PDF copy in each student's e-portfolio!
  • Transcripts: Generate a transcript only once and save it in a student's e-portfolio for easy reference and reprinting.
  • Attendance: Copies of attendance letters, tardy and absentee notices can automatically be added to the appropriate students' e-portfolios whenever they are generated.
  • Discipline: Copies of discipline warnings, notices about penalties incurred and fulfilled, and parental correspondence can automatically be added to the involved students' e-portfolios as the incident details are entered.
  • Health Records: Easily store screening and immunization records, medication lists, and more.
  • Staff Certifications: Store staff certifications, awards for excellence and letters of recommendation.
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Easily store PDF documents,
images, videos and more!

Email for Administrator's Plus

Send AdminPlus Documents to Parents, Students and Staff

Save your school staff time handling repetitious tasks by automating frequent communications between staff, students and their families. Use the Administrator's Plus Email module to send reports, letters, notices, schedules, report cards, and other documents without leaving the program.

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Use your contacts' preferred method
of communication.

Email Features
  • Batch Action - Batch email documents you generate in Administrator's Plus to any group you specify in the Address Book. Documents are automatically printed for contacts that do not have email for traditional mailing.
  • Frequent Messaging - Automate common communication tasks by linking daily attendance bulletins, class rosters, schedules, and other documents to any individual or group you define.
  • Attachments and Formatting - Send reports as PDF attachments or as graphical HTML embedded within the body of the email.
  • Address Book - Create and organize groups of email addresses for students, parents, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, PTO members, coaches, and other school groups with the built-in Address Book.