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Online Admissions for Independent Schools

Exceed Enrollment Goals and Streamline the Entire Admissions Process

AdmissionsPlus with fully responsive online forms and applications makes it easy to track and communicate with each applicant step-by-step through the entire online admissions process, from initial inquiry through acceptance and enrollment.

Streamline the Admissions Process
  • Track each prospect step-by-step through the entire admissions process online.
  • Implement fully responsive online forms for inquiries, applications, payments, and more.
  • Automatically keep parents, applicants and staff informed through each step.
  • Integrates with Administrator's Plus or use with any SIS.
  • Customize your admissions process.

AdmissionsPlus Graphical View

Prospect Data at Your Fingertips

AdmissionsPlus stores and presents data on your prospective students in an organized and intuitive format. Quickly and easily view prospect data, including:

  • Admission status
  • School, program and grade level prospect is applying for
  • Prospect's application
  • Demographics and activities
  • E-Portfolio items such as letters of recommendation, essays and transcripts
  • Prospect contacts and email
  • Communication log

Student Profile View

The AdmissionsPlus Difference
  • Attract and engage prospective families years ahead of enrollment.
  • Store all documents associated with each prospect digitally.
  • Automatically send emails to prospective families with notifications about complete or incomplete tasks.
  • Examine the entire history of an applicant’s record.
  • Analyze outreach, acceptance and demographic statistics with at-a-glance dashboards.
  • Use or modify pre-formatted letters or create your own with the built-in report writer.
  • Document financial aid requests.
  • Process multiple children in one family together.
Powerful Reporting Tool

AdmissionsPlus’ reporting tools provide the data you need to make key decisions.

  • Track your prospects and applicants. Know how many prospects are currently applying to each school, grade level and program and how many prospects are in each admissions step.
  • Fill spots within your school. See how many openings you have filled and how many you have left.
  • Filter prospects based on certain criteria. Drill down on prospects that meet your school’s needs - from GPAs, entrance exam scores, athletics, and legacy - to simply completing all the admissions steps.
  • Organize your data. AdmissionPlus graphs and charts are customizable by user, allowing each user to have their own personalized dashboard view so they can see exactly what is important to them.
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Online Applications and Forms that are Responsive for Any Screen Size

AdmissonsPlus Responsive Online Forms
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Online Inquiries and Applications

Set your school apart by creating a convenient, mobile-friendly online experience for prospective students and families with AdmissionsPlus’ fully responsive online forms and applications.

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Seamless Flow of Data from Inquiry to Acceptance

All data entered by a prospect using our online forms and applications flows seamlessly into AdmissionsPlus for tracking, communication, analysis, and decision making.

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Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Admissions processes are customizable to meet your school's needs. Admissions staff can set separate prospect requirements for different grades and programs or from school to school within a district or diocese.

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Save Paper and Time

AdmissionsPlus creates a completely paperless solution while eliminating hundreds of hours of data entry on behalf of admissions staff. Once students are accepted, their information is automatically updated in Administrator’s Plus.

AdmissionsPlus with Online Applications

Admissions software that is perfectly integrated with mobile-friendly online forms for inquiries, applications, visitation days, e-recommendations, and much more.


Advantages and Features of Online Forms
  • Create an inquiry form that automatically sends data to AdmissionsPlus to begin outreach to prospective students and their families.
  • Create visitation forms and schedule visits online. Events from the online forms are added to the built-in AdmissionsPlus calendar, allowing school staff to easily manage requested appointments.
  • E-Recommendations allow applicants to request and receive recommendations online. Once submitted, they are tracked and added to the students' e-portfolios.
  • Upload documents such as birth certificates or recommendations, and they are automatically attached to requirements in AdmissionsPlus.
  • Accept application fees online. Families can make payments online via credit card or checking account. Use our integrated payment processing services to receive funds faster at reduced rates.
Save Time and Hours of Data Entry
  • Bring your admissions applications online. Fields from AdmissionsPlus, including validated entries, are easily included on the forms.
  • One account for all children. Parents only need to log in to one account and they can see all their children.
  • Multiple forms are linked. If the same information is required on multiple forms, filling in those fields will automatically fill them in on the other forms as well.
  • Forms are pre-filled for families that have completed another form or are already registered. Partially completed forms are stored and may be finished later.
  • Forms are dynamic. Applicants can continue to add as many instances of information as they want for variable fields such as contacts, siblings, or activities. Some students might have one entry while others, dozens.
  • Automatic confirmation emails are sent to families upon submission of forms.

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