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Discipline Software

Powerful Tools for Tracking and Reporting Student Behavior

Discipline Plus simplifies the difficult and time-consuming task of tracking student behavior and helps improve discipline by ensuring that students are held accountable for their actions. Educators document and track disciplinary incidents, maintain related records, notify parents of infractions, and produce reports, notices, forms, and other documents.

Ideal for schools of all sizes and grade levels, Discipline Plus is packed with features that help you handle discipline-related tasks efficiently. The program also includes bully and victim reporting to help your school comply with anti-bullying mandates.

Discipline Plus Key Features
  • Detailed Documentation - Easily document disciplinary incidents with any amount of detailed information you need to record.
  • Direct Access - View and enter discipline data on your mobile device from anywhere on campus using AP Mobile Apps. Instantly access any student's complete disciplinary history when speaking with parents.
  • Penalty Tracking - Automatically track penalties students have served or owe for single incidents or annual penalty totals.
  • Generate Reports - Create customized reports containing multiple discipline incidents. Include statistical analysis of discipline data to track trends.
  • Notify Parents and Staff - Send letters to report incidents to parents. Parents and staff can be allowed to access discipline data privately and securely online with our ParentPlus Web Portal.
  • Lists and Forms - Easily produce lists and tallies, such as students with excessive infractions, infraction and penalty lists, and detention attendance lists.
Document Discipline Incidents

Easily document disciplinary incidents to the degree of detail you want to record - from basic facts to detailed documentation.

Record information such as:

  • Students and staff involved
  • Location and time
  • Teacher remarks
  • Follow-up actions
  • Notifications to parents
  • Penalties
Discipline Letters, Emails, and Forms

With the built-in, customizable report writer, you can design and print letters, statistical reports and other documents using your discipline and demographic data.

Send automated letters to report a student's involvement in a disciplinary incident to parents and guidance counselors right in Administrator's Plus with the Email module.

Print ready-made or customized forms, lists and tallies for staff to use, such as detention attendance lists for the detention room staff.

Enable staff, parents and students to access discipline data privately and securely online with our ParentPlus Web Portal.

Analysis and Report Writing

Look up and evaluate your discipline data by any criteria:

  • Type of incident
  • Day, week or month
  • Location
  • Student and staff involved
  • Grade level
  • Homeroom
  • Period
  • Follow-up actions
  • Number of incidents
  • Consistency of penalties

Compile the data into any type of report:

  • Individual student discipline history reports
  • Incident reports and summaries
  • Follow-up reports tracking students after incidents
  • Report on the total number of each type of infraction
  • Incident location reports to analyze which building locations require increased supervision
  • Outstanding penalty reports
  • Break down incidents by teacher: Know which discipline issues are affecting your staff
  • Report totals for each type of incident tallied by grade
  • Analyze incidents by location and time to evaluate security
Enter discipline incidents at the scene with AP Mobile Apps for iOS and Android devices.