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Online School Supply Lists

Integrated TeacherLists Feature for PlusPortals

Our integrated TeacherLists feature in PlusPortals is a convenient solution that makes it easy for schools to share back-to-school supply lists.

Rediker schools can post supply lists directly to the TeacherLists platform and then have it available for parents and students to access through PlusPortals, eliminating the need to rely on paper lists that cost the school money to print and mail, or in-store lists that can be difficult to find.

Built with convenience in mind, the TeacherLists Power Loader lets school staff upload supply lists in almost any format – Word docs, PDF’s, even JPG images – and then automatically formats them.

When the lists are ready, parents and students can log into their PlusPortal accounts to access them. Account admins can also decide to add the list integration directly to their school’s PlusPortals homepage – making it publicly available for anyone to view.

The TeacherLists feature offers families a time-saving way to find what their children need for school. With one click, it’s easy to transfer the items to popular featured retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Staples

TeacherLists Feature Gallery

Already using PlusPortals at your school? Ready to start sending out school supply lists? School administrators can easily activate the TeacherLists feature for all PlusPortals users to access. See our support documentation to get started.