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Catholic Parent Engagement App

Catholic School
Engagement App

A Smarter Way for Catholic K-8 Schools
to Engage Their Community

Connect faculty, parent leaders, families, and interested parishioners as one community with Connect1's fun, easy-to-use app with a strong Catholic identity. Know more about your community’s talents, skills and interests, and make your Catholic K-8 community engagement simple and fun.

Catholic schools need more parent engagement, but parents are increasingly busy. School leaders and educators would benefit if they knew how to tap into the skills and talents of the parent community. Parents would engage more if information was readily accessible and aligned with their interests and skills.

Parent Engagement App for Catholic Schools

Let's redefine engagement with an app that creates: 

An environment that is secure, centralized and accessible only to your school community.
An automated process for adding events, assigning points to roles and identifying volunteering criteria.
One place that shows all events and roles available for volunteering at the school.
A family dashboard showing all accumulated points.
An ability for school leaders to see community engagement levels and to promote events as needed.

Automate all aspects of the volunteering process.

Catholic Parent Engagement App Prayer Center
Talents, Skills and Interests

Capture your community’s unique talents and interests for volunteering and fundraising needs.

Event Creation, Sign-up and Tracking

The most robust, feature-rich, secure, and mobile-ready volunteering app on the market.

Modern Directory and Actions

Digital, centralized community contact information and talent center with advanced action features.

Catholic Identity and Gamification

Prayer center, Catholic saint avatars and an innovative point system and gaming levels to encourage engagement.

Make your community engagement simple and fun.

A key component of a successful, faith-based learning environment is the school community, made up of parents, extended family, faculty, clergy, parishioners, and local community members.

  • Secure and only accessible by school community
  • Digital volunteering board with events in one place
  • Track Virtus training status
  • Define volunteer points:
    No more tracking hours
  • Gaming: Earn points, advance levels, and gain status
  • Award center for volunteers
  • Community contact information at your fingertips
  • Easily filter by grade, teacher, talent or more
  • See talents and skills of parents in the Talent Center
  • Automatically get directions through Google Maps
  • Separate faculty vs. family contact pages
Catholic Identity
  • Represent each family in the app with a saint avatar
  • Request prayers from your community
  • Prayer Board to see prayers from the community
  • Answer prayers in one click
  • Gaming: Achieve increasing status to sainthood by answering more prayers