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Rediker Payment Services

Payment Services

Better, Faster Payment Processing to Save
Schools Time and Money

We now offer improved payment processing services to help save our K-12 schools time and money. The new platform is currently integrated with AdmissionsPlus, AdminPlus Online Forms, and RediSite E-Commerce, with more coming soon!

Competitive Rates

We have reduced our credit card and e-check rates up to 45%, making us highly competitive with others. Your school can pass these fees to parents in AdminPlus Online Forms and AdmissionsPlus.

No Transaction or Form Processing Fees

Tired of monthly or per transaction fees from your payment provider? We have eliminated those extra fees, saving your school money and driving better value.

Payment Services Transactions
More than 150,000 payment requests successfully processed by our customers with our payment services.
Direct and Faster Payments

Once payments are settled - usually 2 days - funds are deposited directly from the payment processor to the school. Schools can receive deposits on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Funds remain with Worldpay, the payment processor, until they are securely deposited into your account. Funds are secured with PCI compliant security.

Improved Consolidated Reporting

We provide a detailed, consolidated report with each deposit to the school’s account across multiple products. This improves the payments' reconciliation process, providing a breakdown of transactions processed, funds deposited and fees assessed.

Payment Services Gallery

At this time, this platform is only compatible with US-based schools processing in US Dollars.