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School Billing Software

Manage School Billing and Online Payments in AdminPlus

Billing Plus is the AdminPlus module to manage student billing - from invoicing and online bill payments to tuition plans, financial reporting and record keeping. Designed for use by private and public schools of all sizes, Billing Plus will allow your school’s staff to efficiently complete billing responsibilities.

Billing Plus Features
  • Batch Entry: Streamline record keeping for tuition, athletic fees, class dues, graduation charges, and other student fees with time-saving batch entry.
  • Tuition and Payments: Design customized tuition and payment plans. Apply the appropriate billing plan to all students and pre-create their invoices for the entire year. The program emails each appropriate invoice only as it becomes current.
  • Family Data: Use our Household feature to call up information for students from the same family.
  • Reports: Create invoices, letters, forms, notices, statistical and financial reports, and other documents with the built-in report writer.
  • Future Projections: Project anticipated revenue for the year. Choose to include future charge amounts on statements sent to parents so they know what to expect.
  • On-Demand Receipts: Produce daily receipt reports, aging reports, student and family summary statements, and combined invoices.
  • Imported Data: Optional add-on feature to import payments directly from the most widely used tuition management services: FACTS Management Company, SMART Tuition Services and TMS Tuition Management Systems.
Online Payments Made Easy

The Online Payments feature in Billing Plus makes it easy for parents to view and pay invoices. Send emails to parents that include a PDF Online Payment Icon Imageof their invoice and a direct link to the invoice in Online Forms where they can securely submit payment via credit card or bank account. Once a payment is made, Billing Plus is updated automatically.

Parents can log into Online Forms to view invoices, both paid and non-paid, for all of their children. Online Bill Payments can be used for tuition, activities, sports, field trips, books, meal plans, and much more!

Schools can receive funds quickly and save money with our integrated payment processing services, now with highly competitive rates.

​Built-in Report Writers

Produce a wide range of customized billing-related letters, notices and reports using any information stored in Billing Plus and the Administrator's Plus database with our powerful, built-in report writer:

  • Payment request letters and overdue account notices.
  • Invoices and customized invoices.
  • Financial reports and aging reports.
  • Statements - either single or combined (for families with several students).
  • Statement summary totals for students and/or families, (using any criteria) aging reports, daily receipt reports and reports categorizing receipts, charges, credits, and debits for any date(s). Billing Plus already includes numerous, pre-defined statements, invoices and more. You can customize these and also create your own. Save your customized templates for future use.
Invoice Payment Screen on iPad

Parents can view school invoices and submit payment online via credit card or bank account.