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Rediker Demos and Webinars

See Our Software Solutions and Learn Best Practices

Interested in adding Rediker Software's integrated software solutions to your school? Learn more by attending a live Rediker Demo where we'll be showing our software solutions for complete school management, including student data, gradebook and parent portals, admissions, schedule building, and much more. Check out our Rediker Webinars to learn best practices for school-to-home communication, website accessibility and report card skills and standards.

Please note all session times are listed in Eastern US Time. Choose from any of our live sessions listed below to attend. You can also call us at 1-800-213-9860 to set up a private Rediker product demo or visit our on-demand video library.

Student Information System

Rediker Demo - AdminPlus SIS, TeacherPlus Web Gradebook and PlusPortals for Families
AdminPlus SIS, TeacherPlus Web Gradebook and PlusPortals for Families
See our school management software system for PK - 12 schools including our fully integrated HTML5 web gradebook for teachers and online web portals for parents, students, teachers, and administrators.


Rediker Webinar - School-to-Home Communication for K-12 Schools - Part 1 - AdminPlus and Plus Portals
School-to-Home Communication
for K-12 Schools
From sharing assignments and grades, to mass notifications and mobile apps, today's K-12 schools are challenged to utilize technology, on a budget, to meet the communication expectations of parents, students and teachers.
From communicating with prospective students and families, to sharing school content during the school years, and then creating lasting bonds with valued alumni, K-12 educators must foster ongoing communications with everyone in their community. This webinar will offer tips and best practices for K-12 schools to maximize school-to-home communication.

Report Cards

Rediker Webinar - School-to-Home Communication for K-12 Schools - Part 2 - RediSite, Social Media, and more
Understanding Report Cards
with Skills and Standards
This webinar will review the concepts around skills or standards-based report cards, grade calculations and report card GDSU (Generate, Store, Deliver, Upload). This webinar features our AdminPlus SIS, TeacherPlus Gradebook and PlusPortals software solutions and includes information for both teachers and administrators. We will review and discuss:
  • Why choose a skills-based report card
  • Exploring the possibilities of report card design
  • The “2 types of schools”
  • The administrator’s role vs. the teacher’s role in generating skills-based report cards
  • About the NINE skill grade calculation methods (Mean, Mode, Power Law and more)
  • GDSU – Generate, Store, Deliver, Upload

Schedule Building

Master Schedule Building Demo Header Image
Master Schedule Building
As hundreds of students submit their course requests, you need to develop the best schedule to meet their unique requirements, including grade level, teacher, and room availability, as well as countless other variables. This session will show you how Rediker’s Master Schedule Building solution can give you your best schedule ever.

ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance and Your Website - Webinar Header Image
ADA Compliance and Your Website
In this webinar, you will learn more about what ADA website compliance means, why it is important for your website, and what components are needed to achieve compliance and better accessibility. You will see how compliance impacts your web developers, website content managers and users.


Admissions Plus Pro with Online Applications - Demo Header Image
Admissions Plus Pro with Online Applications

Bring your admissions online! Create online forms for inquiries and applications, then track each applicant step by step with our powerful admissions software.

School Websites

RediSite: Responsive Website Design and Hosting
RediSite: Responsive Website
Design and Hosting
Do you need a mobile-ready school website? Do you already have a responsive site that is expensive or hard to edit? See how an affordable RediSite responsive school website can save you time and money. Find out how easy it is for anyone at your school to edit the website, add content and create new pages.