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School Data Analytics and Visualization

Creating Data-Driven Insights to Improve Decision Making

LiveBook is a comparative analytics technology that helps educators associate content, visualize data, and explore relationships.

This integrated data analytics platform automatically merges the data from AdminPlus with schoolwide assessments uploaded from external sources to create comprehensive tables and charts. Visual formats are added to help interpret the data which empowers school staff to quickly pinpoint patterns, differences, and trends which leads to better decision making for evidenced-based solutions.

LiveBook analytics are used to flag students based on poor attendance, behavior, or performance. The powerful built-in Cohort Manager allows users to narrow the scope to focus on a specific school, grade level, or group of students.

The Charting Presentation feature allows users to create presentations charting various fields within the data that can be shared with other LiveBook users or presented in a slide show for Board, department, or parent meetings.

AdminPlus Chapters enable users to analyze integrated core data elements common to all AdminPlus schools – demographics, enrollment data, attendance, department/course/section/ D and F counts, report card grades, and more. Each AdminPlus Chapter comes with a prepared Data Study that allows the user to visualize the data and drill down or query the data to explore further.

Single Sign-On for Teachers ensures that teachers have access to the latest assessment data, key demographics, and statistics for their current roster of students. Easy access to the Student Snapshot allows them to dig deeper into assessments, historical data and comments posted by other educators on challenges and interventions.

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Assessment Data
LiveBook processes data from assessments such as:


College Board PSAT 8/9

College Board PSAT NMSQT



...And More!

The Problem:

Multiple Sources: Assessments are stored on different sites (i.e., State DOE, College Board, NWEA) with varying score interpretation guidelines.

Unique Needs: Administrators, school counselors, specialists, and classroom teachers need the same data on distinct groups of students.

Searching for Trends: Identifying correlations and trends when looking at separate data table assessments can be challenging.

Constantly Changing: Program statuses change over time (such as Special Ed and ELL). It can become difficult to keep up with the latest information.

Manual Processes: Teachers must walk down to the office to pull a student’s file to see their assessment history.

Time and Effort: Extra labor and time needed to extract and compile the necessary information from various sources - deciding which data fields to keep and which to exclude.

Quickly Outdated: Timely distribution of finalized compiled data to school staff is difficult for IT/Data Managers to keep up with.

The Solution: LiveBook

One Source: All assessment data is already uploaded and stored in one place - the LiveBook site.

Cohort Management: Cohorts can be created and saved by users so they can narrow the scope of data to fit their needs.

Spot Trends: Multiple data visualizations can be displayed at once to see correlations and trends that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Current Info: Integration with our AdminPlus SIS means all information is up to date (such as Special Ed and ELL statuses).

Easy Access: Drill down to the Student Snapshot to see more detail on student performance.

Easy Look-Up: All assessment data is keyed to a student's unique ID and presented in color-coded table views, making it easy to understand.

Single Sign-On: LiveBook Single Sign-On from our TeacherPlus Gradebook means teachers always have access to the data they need for students in their current section rosters.

A Better Way to Analyze and Visualize School Data that Keeps Everyone Happy...

Show visualizations to highlight your schools' identified strengths, enrollment statistics and increased achievement - it's all about good PR.
Compare student performance on different assessments and identify students that are not meeting benchmarks or are barely missing the next achievement level.
Single sign-on access to their current students' assessment history, color-coded to quickly see differences in achievement, with reference materials and multiple tools to query and visualize the data.
IT/Data Staff
Simplify the process of collecting and merging data and eliminate the need to distribute the data to administrators, specialists, and classroom teachers.

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AdminPlus Chapters for LiveBook

Student Overview   |   Department Summary   |   Enrollment History

LiveBook, powered by Rediker Software, enables analysis and visualization of AdminPlus data and schoolwide assessments. The pre-packaged AdminPlus “chapters” brings to life core data elements common to all AdminPlus schools – demographics, enrollment data, attendance, department/course/section report card grades, and more. Leveraging over a dozen visualization types including stacked column, line, scatter, bubble, box, and whisker, AdminPlus Chapters for LiveBook allow non-tech savvy users to understand and evaluate the information. Additional dynamic features such as drill downs, cohort creation, and filtering enable the user to make informed data-driven decisions quickly. Learn more about AdminPlus Chapters »

Single Sign-On for Teachers

Integration with our TeacherPlus Web Gradebook allows your teachers to access the LiveBook analytics platform directly from their TeacherPlus portal.

Teachers can track and monitor relative class and student data including students of interest, schoolwide assessment results, attendance data, discipline data, and more. Identifying students that are struggling with specific concepts allows the school to recommend additional help from a specialist.

The data may also be used to support a recommendation for Special Ed or 504 support. Classroom teachers can use the information to improve lesson plans.

  • "One-click" access from the Gradebook to LiveBook.
  • Centralized view of student data from one or multiple course sections.
  • Report card grades, demographics, daily attendance rate, assessment data, and more.
  • Comparison tools to show how an individual compares with others in the class on key metrics.
  • Individual students' profile, transcript and assessment history.
LiveBook Process

With LiveBook, the time-consuming work of merging and organizing all the relevant data from various sources is done for you! Data is compiled into a wide range of meaningful tables and charts that allow educators to visualize trends and make data-driven decisions. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! .

  1. AdminPlus data including relevant demographics is imported nightly to LiveBook.
  2. Schoolwide assessment data is uploaded to a Secure FTP Data folder provided.
  3. LiveBook processes the data files which updates the various views and analytics.

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Charting Presentations

The built-in Charting Presentation Manager empowers LiveBook users to create custom presentations tailored for any audience such as school board members, staff and parents. Choose from a plethora of chart types including, Histogram, Pie, Combo, Bubble, Tree Map, Box-Whisker, DataGrid, and Radar. Customize your layout, include a header and detailed sidebar, set labels, define a benchmark or constrain the data to a certain range, all to support the narrative. Learn more about the Charting Presentation Manager »

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