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AdminPlus Chapters for LiveBook

User Ready Analysis and Visualization of AdminPlus Data

LiveBook, powered by Rediker Software, enables analysis and visualization of AdminPlus and external data. The new pre-packaged AdminPlus “chapters” bring to life core data elements common to all AdminPlus schools – demographics, attendance, department, course section, grades, and more.

Leveraging over a dozen visualization types including stacked column, line, scatter, bubble, box and whisker, Livebook chapters allow non-tech savvy users to understand and evaluate the information. Additional dynamic features such as color coding, sparklines, cohort creation, and filtering enable the user to make informed data-driven decisions quickly.

Student Overview

Data is pulled directly from the AdminPlus data fields to create a comprehensive overview of your student's demographic, attendance, and GPA information.

Department Summary

The Department Summary chapter allows for a deeper look into statistics by departments, courses, sections, and student rosters.

Attendance Summary

The Attendance Summary chapter has a Data Study that calculates the attendance rate by month, by school, and by grade level from the current year's daily attendance and membership information.